I'm hoping I'm not just winging it this time

Hello everyone. I just joined because I got some seeds. Previously, last year around early August, a friend gave me a seedling. I still have no clue what (indica, sativa, some other fun name for some strain, etc) it is. I had to learn about nutrients, issues with fungus, and the importance of a pots that prevent a plant from becoming root bound as I went along. I even stumbled upon this very forum by doing all of this research on the fly. I’m a complete beginner.

I kept this plant my friend gave me outside for a good 4 months where it did well. I grew it in soil (steer manure) from a big box store, Home Depot. By November it was getting rather large, and the weather was getting cooler. Even by mild southern California climate standards, I know that this plant wouldn’t tolerate some of the colder winter weather.
So, I brought it inside into a part of the house which we never use, and I set up a King LED grow light unit and a GE grow light in one of the light fixtures in a bathroom of a place we use as a guest room.
It seemed to have had an incredible growth spurt under the lighting unit.
By January, leaves were falling off, which freaked me out, but then it started budding. So, I then added the nutrients from Fox Farms that you are supposed to use when it is budding. I assumed that leaves falling off was part of the budding process.

Here is where I think I hit a snag.
I don’t quite know what happened, but it seemed to have stopped budding at a certain point, and perhaps showed signs of nutrient burn or even a nutrient deficiency, at least at the tallest parts of the pant, in addition to the tips of the leaves – but this was a gradual thing. I finally realized it was basically dead by this June. I used Agromagen Growsafe for fungus control once it was inside. Another twist to all this is that my friend brought be yet another plant earlier this January that I at first thought was a seedling. It was, in fact, a severely sunlight deprived plant (my friend lives in an apartment with limited access to sunlight) that was well past the seedling stage, and it ended up issuing forth pollen (and no buds) after I put everything I could into trying to rescue it. So, that might have had something to do with the problems here. However, it didn’t issue forth pollen until last April and May.

For what it’s worth, there was some smokeable product on my first plant. It looks like the proto buds and sticky leaves will get you high. Actually, I discovered that this plant produced seeds by grinding up what I had and trying to smoke it. I have never been a big marijuana consumer or heavily into cannabis culture, so all of this is still very new to me. If anything, this all started out as a quarantine hobby.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post.
I think I am somewhat more prepared (definitely more than what I was last year), but I just need a little more advice, maybe on how not to mess this up.

So, I intend to produce seedlings by putting seeds in a glass of water by next week. I hope that trick works. I will probably place them in paper cups. I will once again be using steer manure from a big box store, if that’s okay.
I have fabric air pots/grow bags and a few air pots.
I have Fox Farms nutrients and CalMag.
I still have grow lights if I need them.

So, I am tempted to grow outside again. However, if this going to take more than 3 months before it is time to harvest, I may very well just grow indoors the whole time. I do not think this process is meant to last 10 and a half months!
Any advice on lighting hours would be helpful. At first, I tried to mimic daylight hours of when I brought it inside, but then I Increased it to anywhere between 16 and 12 hours.

So, I’m hoping to get this done right this time.
thanks in advance, Jack


Welcome to the forum great people and advise read as much as you can
Need to start with what type of seeds (auto flower or photo)?
That will determine your light schedule but to start go 18 on 6 off until you are ready for flower
Good luck! :sunglasses:


Welcome to the forum Jack!All the little lessons you are learning are totally normal! We’ve ALL been there even when we think we are prepared for the next grow LOL

First, you said you are starting from seeds… are those seeds from the plant you grew? It sounds like that plant probably hermied due to stress, if it started forming buds but you got seeds. Do you have any pics of the plant? Did it ever produce pollen?

If you want to grow outside and not have to grow for a long period of time, you might want to consider buying some “Auto - Feminized” seeds. Otherwise, regular phots can take a long time depending on the time of year you start planting.

You start seedlings off with a 18/6 light schedule (18 on and 6 off). When you want to start the flowering phase you switch it to 12/12. Some people do it gradually but I just flip to 12/12 directly from 18/6.


thank you for responding. I have California Dream Feminized and Gold Leaf Feminized. So these are not the auto flower variety.


thank you for the response. It’s good to know I’m not alone in figuring this out through trial and error.

Unfortunately, most of the seeds I stumble upon I did not know I even had, so they end up getting broken in the grinder. I will have to see if I can salvage more of them if I can find them.
I actually just bought seeds (California Dream Feminized, and Gold Leaf Feminized) from here on the ILGM website. I am going to see how I can post pictures on here. Any pictures I have are going to be in its dead final state. Maybe someone can figure out what happened just from looking at it in that state. As far as I know, I never saw this bigger older plant ever producing pollen. However, I have a guess that the second smaller plant (which did end up producing pollen) my friend got me in January is the culprit in bringing this bigger plant to produce seeds, but the problems with the bigger one started before the smaller one started producing pollen.

I will have to look into auto feminized seeds next time.

Since I am starting to think that an indoor grow might be my best option, I appreciate the advice on lighting schedule.
thank you.


Let us know how you like this I’m looking for a great Indica
I have grown ILGM Blue Dream and it’s the best daytime smoke I have come across and that includes dispensaries around me

There’s 2 ILGM BD cloned from last grow 2 ILGM BD from seed 2 Fruity Pebbles (GC) From seed 1 ILGM Zittlez
All are 4 weeks since light flip

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with


So I hear so much information about what type of plants will grow from seeds where the plant was hermied… I will refer to some experts for that. @Bulldognuts @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410

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Any seed taken from an hermaphrodite will have the tendency towards being hermaphrodite; but not always.


Thank you @Myfriendis410!

So @jaculus, if you’re using your ILGM seeds, you’re ok but if you use the seeds from your hermied plant, you may want to plant a few and watch them closely and pull as soon as you think it might be male or hermie.


Thanks, I wouldn’t say expert yet :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m planning a grow with seeds that came from hermied feminized seeds. I’m going to do a short veg and flip them quick, we’ll see what happens. @jaculus If you intend to grow with seeds from hermied plants keep a close eye on them after flipping
to flower.