I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow

Sure @SmoknGranny anytime. I have also seen other than the clear like I have a green cover and may be a frosted one, check on Amazon.com

I just tagged you on my Grow. My greenhouse is more frosty not clear and roughly 6-8 ft from the house which is two story at the back. Thanks again :hugs:

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Are you able to use black trash bags taped over your plastic when you are using your kitchen lights @SmoknGranny

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Today is the weekly update for the ILGM gals and the 3. This week I am focusing on the difference between two of the same seeds, 2 Afghani, 2 Gold Leaf and 2 Amnesia Haze my 6 ILGM Girls. I think the Afghani 2 are the most blatantly different. They all have been lowered because they are growing like weeds

Amnesia Haze’s

Amnesia Haze’s a different view

The Gold Leaf’s

The Gold Leaf’s a different view

The Afghani’s

The Afghani’s a different view

L to R Hash Sugar Daddy, Lemon Squeeze and Hell’s Ice and of course Silly the Sativa

Silly thinking about it.

The Purple Dragon aka Silly

Silly, again

Thanks for stopping by, please enjoy the ‘veiw’


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Beatiful my friend :heart:

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@Fairieswear8oots Good almost afternoon! Thanks, they are amazing!

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Pretty! @highcountrygal

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@Downsouth Good almost afternoon! Thank you!

Late afternoon here. Very humid and warm. GA weather. I’m hoping to have girls as good looking as yours. :grinning:


@Downsouth Not only can you but better yet you will! I will be here so ask away! And most importantly have faith in yourself! There is no magic to growing, although many people seem to believe this to be true. Start listening to what she tells you! then sit back and enjoy the grow! I provide the space, the buckets, the soil, the water and she does the rest! So start picking my brain!


There they go, right before our very eyes.

I’ll vouch for that :+1: :grin:

I did :star_struck::star_struck: and it looks fantabulous!!


Yep @highcountrygal she`s got an ACE up every sleeve. B eautiful !

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I am going to win the Bud of the month! At least try! They’ve not been fed anything yet so I imagine they will reach the Ogre’s castle by Sept! @TDubWilly


Well @Holmes I am ready to start comparing notes soon! let me know! Not bad for a 70 yr old lady in a wheel chair!


You will be a top runner for sure @highcountrygal

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I can grow but not spell! @TDubWilly I have a question please kind sir. I do know I have to have my reeipt # for the Afghani seeds I got here. A friend gifted me seeds from here, Gold Leaf and Amnesia Haze can I enter them if he can’t get me the info? I haven’t asked him yet, wanted to know before I did ask:)

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LIB The wonders never cease ,Now I`m afraid to enter my little BUD against that monster you have.

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