I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


@BIGE KISS the only way


@highcountrygal We talked ourselves into a buzz with the leafy stuff , and then when we did get some good stuff we really lost it. the herb now is unreal compared to then. In the late Seventies I got hooked up with the right person and by the time I got out of the service He had it figured out. He would go to Hawaii early in the year for trade shows and come home with the beans,and it would be like Copperhead Road, killer or at least it was then. But these times they are a changin`.


@Holmes and who am I to blow against the wind?


When the wind blows hard enough if we don`t bend we break, thus better to be easygoing, flexible and understanding. WE would all be better off, EH? I got some AH seeds in the Outdoor Mixpack and I am ready ,after seeing yours.Having some issues with my second CW grow haven’t posted in a while, will try and catch up…sometime.


Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for tagging me!


So much good stuff!!!


If you can share any secrets about growing in east county, much would be appreciated.


I hope @highcountrygal is doing ok!! I know they had those bad fires over near her about the time she was last on. I pray that she made it through!


I am just back to the forum and can’t find the ladies @highcountrygal and @mulegal :pensive: Hope everything is ok, as you said @Rickandbobbyd ! Those fires sounded horrific and I can’t even imagine such stuff, I am in a place of constant rain so never experienced anything even remotely scary!