I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


Great haul you’ve got so far, congrats! Hope your doing well and able to rest a tad before next girls are ready. I’ve been able to collect a little keif for myself using your awesome technique, thank you dear for all of your advice this season, I’ll try to post a few pics of my haul soon


Pretty much that’s what I’m doing, its trim from my last grow, it’s pretty potent, I’m just coming down from the last blast. @highcountrygal yes I’m rubbing more than once.


Oct. 1 2018 2018 Harvest completed! Finally, everything is trimmed and jarred. I trimmed for 3 weeks straight non stop but I did it and think I did an okay job:). I grew 9 plants 6 ILGM gals and 3 given to me by a friend. Went through some issues with water not draining due to Kellogg’s raised garden soil, an error that will not be repeated, way too much clay unknown by me until too late. This caused my ILGM gals to dieout towards the end of the grow season, however to my surprise produced some awesome bud. Thank you Miracle Grow for another year of a great harvest and some very serious weed. All grown in 5 gal plastic buckets. Okay here are the results

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Total Tally
4 gallon jars
10 1/2 gal jars
3 40 oz jars
1 20oz jar
10 plastic containers of trim for dry rub

A very bountiful harvest! Thank you Mother Nature, gypsum and tap water and yes Miracle Grow! This is the end of this grow journal. Thank all of you for your positive encouragement and kind words and faithful followers. What a long strange trip it’s been this year.
And there you have it! Enjoy


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@highcountrygal congrats on your successful season! Thats one heck of a haul!


Congrats. U must b very happy!


Your always growing against the grain and kicking azz anyways!!! Great job @highcountrygal


@hangthebanksters just wait to see what they are all about. Extremely serious!


@anon95385719 I am and very high as well:)




@blackthumbbetty Thank you totally unexpected


Join the club. A bong rip in your honor



@anon95385719 Just inhaled dang that’s nice and exhaled:)


@TDubWilly Nothing pleases me more and I believe these are kick bottom smokes at least so far


I’ll toke to that!


Fabulous and bountiful harvest!! I love seeing full jars :sunglasses:


Damn Girl!!! :grin: Congrats