I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


Tantalizing pix :heart_eyes: love your harvest!!!


Nice harvest hcg!!!


Looks great! Hope you enjoy the smoke, ya sure earned it with those trees lol :upside_down_face:


Smokin Smokin Smokin Keep them babies growin, roll`em up! I love it for you @highcountrygal.


Fantastic haul @highcountrygal. Bulldog is truely amazing. Makes the colas on my girls look twiggy. Very sweet. You are one champion grower gal. :smiley:


Congrats great job! Wish my outdoor girls were done. Bud rot has been epic this season

Enjoy! They look yummy


Nicely done :+1: @Holmes


Why thank you @merlin44, kinda been watching your Hazy Lazy thread . Looking pretty good brother.


That’s bloody unreal haul great work HCG…:grin:


nice harvest @highcountrygal


Awesome harvest, bulldog looks so thick and juicy, great lib my friend.


Howdy @Mrcrabs and Mrscrabs. Got 3 more to go and I have no clue why they are taking so long! I have ran out of room and Jars and plastic containers and there is pot all over the place! But not complaining at all. I can’t wait for your trial dry rub on the new box. Miss you two a lot hope all is well with you!


Hello there my friend, we miss you also but we know your busy towards harvest time, those sound like great problems, I rather have my tupeeware full of colas instead of left overs anyday. Here’s my trial run, justs laced my first joint with some kief, Mrs crabs is loving it, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Mrs crabs send hugs and kisses. @highcountrygal IMG_0354|666x500


There is just pure kief rolled in the joint? Or you mixed it up with tabacco ? :smile:


The kief is mixed with some gorilla glue, it’s freakin amazing.


Wooowwwwww!! Yummm


@highcountrygal , I have to thank you again. My hash making kit, if this blows my mind, I can’t wait for my next harvest and make some kief of colas, have a wonderful Sunday my love.


How does that work? Are you just pressing keif you collected into hash pucks or are you doing something else? What was your method of collecting keif/resin? I’m jealous! Can’t wait to have some keif around. I haven’t had any since the early 90’s when working as a trimmer in Humboldt. Lol! Congrats on the harvest!


@Mrcrabs and Mrscrabs Morning isn’t that just something now don’t stop at the first rub. throw it back in the freezer and usually the second rub produces more. I’ve still collected after the 4th rub so don’t give up you will be very happy do at least 3 rubs and then go on if you want to: Love you both.


That’s a bountiful harvest! @highcountrygal love it!