I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


your processing looks perfect!


Time for me to buy stock in jar manufacturers. You’re going to make their quarter.


TIMBERRRRRR! The deforestation has begun! Lol looking good, hcg :+1:




NUFF SAID! Ain`t life grand?


Kief is soooo good! I cant stop smoking it. We N squared smoke a 1g doob every nite and now we are adding a bong rip of kief for an aperitf and I must say the single hit of kief gets us higher than the spliff. :yum:


Nice looking harvest “google” :blush:!! I was going to try my hand at your keif making…so do I need to dry my trim out before freezing?


Damn, bro. I get good on .1g of my own stuff in the vape. Remind me not to try keeping up if we’re ever sharing!


Get those trimming fingers warmed up, they are gonna be busy.


get yourself a trim bin its perfect for the dry rub process. And yes you need to dry and preferably cure before you freeze the trim


Awesome harvest, your gona have your hands full my friend.



here my trim tray inspired by my friend HCG


@Mrcrabs and Mrscrabs hey you two! Been so busy and now Harvest so far so good. I still have 4 big ones including my 9-10 foot tall Amnesia Haze. Hope all is wewll with you both and hope after all is done we can get back to ‘regular and normal’ :slight_smile: