I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


Hey there girl your girls are looking amazing, just omg huge huge girls, well done you, I bet you have plenty of help come harvest


@nostril 1st and 2nd week of July. I live in SD with purpetual warmth and things grow fast here. They started in veg from about the middle of May to the beginning of June. All of the 3 are nearing 7 months old.


@hangthebanksters they have changed since you were here. The pistols are almost all red and the milky trichomes are lookin that dirty yellow esp on the highest ones I can reach


You keep it up and I am going to have to by me a ticket to SD. GORGEOUS…says he as he kneels to the master @highcountrygal.


NO TELL ! NO SMELL! NO SELL! Pot Growers Karma


OK let me know. I’ve got my trim bin ready for action :grinning:


@hangthebanksters you’ll hear me:)


Love that Lemon Squeeze soo much. All of them look amazing but that’s my favorite one :smirk:


@Budbrother Just wish you could smell , it smells so heavy that you’d think it was wet


:heart_eyes: I wanna get some of those seeds :star_struck:


@Tennhills follow this and it should get you there:)


All I can say is WOW!! I rest my case, “pot google” definitely fits😎. Long tall Sally is my fav… well they all look great, the 5 gallon grow blows my mind. Can’t wait to see your haul dear, so happy for ya!


Definitely small trees! @highcountrygal


@Budbrother Morning! every plant I have except 2 are gifted seeds, from a very dear friend. Sure wasa lucky:)


Beautiful and inspirational :heart:


Howdy @highcountrygal…Once again an amazing update. The three look pretty close maybe late in the week…opinion from a rank newbie, so take iot for what it’s worth gal.

I must say Lemon Squeeze is my favorite in the pot and LTS is right on her heels. It really is a Forest, tall and robust. Those colas you grow blow my mind. I’d be happy with just One! Good on ya gal.


Wow! I have been gone for a while and look at those monsters! @highcountrygal you are a goddess:)


I had a feeling that since your girls and I share the same birthday this was going to be an epic grow! Congratulations awesome work! @highcountrygal


FINALLY! Harvest has started, it seems like forever but well worth it. Today I am going to focus on my first gal that has been trimmed dryed and jarred. Lemon Squeeze has been updated she is a Lemon Tree. What a beautiful gal while growing hardy and healthy and quite a producer! here are her last pix.

Lemon Tree before harvest

Here she is just after being cut. Took me 20 minutes a pruning saw and rachet clippers to take her down. She was so heavy I hardly could hang on.

Chopped up and waiting for her trim

![IMG_1105|375x500 (upload://8nWaXIFMZ6MEwTZfFO3GLdpZFiR.jpeg)
The biggest colas ready to be fine trimmed and dried. Small buds and trim

Colas and the colas up closer

this is how much keef I collect just from trimming

End result 2 1/2 gal jars full and 1 40 oz jar and the trim all popcorn buds ready to be frozen and dry rubbed

All in all a great harvest from her. I have tried some dried and so far killer, killer!!

And there you have it. Enjoy

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My oh my. Great harvedt HCG.