I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


dam nice garden there @highcountrygal


@highcountrygal dang those are lookin good :call_me_hand::star_struck:


@TDubWilly Constanly checking the trichomes and the Lemon Squeeze are cloudy and almost dirty yellow. I make sure I check all over the plant not just one bud Thanks! Every outside grower I know, all three of them, check for trichomes. I also go by age I figure 6 months is a time to start checking.


@hangthebanksters you still coming over? I hope so. things are moving fast now. let me know even if for just a bit come and see.


@elheffe702 good morning! Holy budzola! I’ve got more colas than Coke does. I hope I get a seed from Lemon Squeeze, she is going to be a sticky potent gal. I have more seeds so I may try again. Hope all is well with you!


@Holmes This buds for you, my friend! Sure wish I could share, it’s one thing to talk about it but it’s another thing when you can share and say ‘man this is some good s**t’


@BIGE Thank you wow what a compliment! I am always amazed at how big they get and with minimal soil, and it further amazes me that I did it:)


@FloridaSon I figure about 6 months is their life span and they don’t really like staying past their prime. However have you tried leaving a few branches and harvesting the rest and letting those branches continue to grow?


@Sasquatch Thank you! I’ll be glad when it is over and I can sit back and enjoy:)


@livefast Good morning! and thank you they try their hardest!


Looks like you have a ways to go yet, but all are looking good.


Sure well can come over! Hows monday or tuesday for you?


@hangthebanksters Tuesday would be best for me just let me know when


I had considered trying that here but all my camouflage cover will be dead and farmers will be out harvesting plus hunters will be out scouting for deer season. My thoughts are to go as long as I can and keep an eye out for bud rot with the fall rains we get here. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t mind doing partial harvests. I prefer that method as long as I’m not having issues with the plant. Those little larf buds can pack on a little more weight doing it.


Excellant, HCG! You have some beauties. I dont know about an early fall season change, but I welcome it happily.


I looked and I cant seem to zero in on what your talking about. Give me something to look for. And yes, you have some sweet plants. Yes, you have become the very best FNG on outside pure sunlight growing. Smitty, smitty, smitty, and the croud goes wild!


Your garden, and methods, and mainly that one plant, reminds me of the saying "easy peasy, lemon squeezey. I forget who said it recently, but I agree…you rock those buckets! :v: :smile: :+1:


@highcountrygal After visiting the garden in person I must say that the pictures do not do justice to the beauty of your girls in full regalia. These plants are the real deal! And the rest of the garden is totally cool too! I’ll be cooking up those shishito peppers ASAP! Thank you!


@hangthebanksters Thank you what a pleasure/treasure you two are! And thank you for my dubees:) Getting ready to light one now. You are welcome any time:):slight_smile: