I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


If you knew how to peeksa igpa atinla I wouldn’t have had to ask ackja ssaa. @Happy_Pappy do I need to translate that for you? And yes the rapea peaa is nearing 6.5 feet tall. Eatma eadha. LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Uckingfa ilariousha!


Ankta ouya lorida onsa. Eha sia umbda ssaa olla! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hows this for a Bud-nanza?



Heres a photo of the Grape Ape @Happy_Pappy. Im 6’ tall.

Ackja ssaa! (fiy that seed cost me $1.00 off the bay and it’s a girl!)


Damn, son! You look just like a guy from my neck of the woods! You related to John Dykes??

You could pass for his twin!


No Im not. Funny my girl says I look kinda like the uni-bomber. LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


8/24/18 ILGM update. Things are changing rapidly as my grow is almost done. I would say that mid week next week one should be finished, I hope. The was the fastest, slowest past 6 months. Feels like we’re going to have an early fall, my apricot tree is saying enough summer and she is dropping her leaves. It’a a beautiful 84’ now. oops 85’. My expirement with leaving the leafs on to see how they shed naturally was very interesting. I did not prune and I could take a leaf off only if the plant let go, no snippers, no force. Here’s what I found. Leafs are not shed in any certain order they are random, at least to me, they may have their own agenda. I learned that a yellowed leaf is let go only when the plant decides, not by my choice. I think this will be my norm now. I ended up having to move the 9 footer, ‘long tall sally’ because the neighbors decided it was time to replace their roof and peek a boo I see you needed out of sight. Okay here goes.

I will star with the ILGM gals first

ILGM Amnesia Haze II

ILGM Gold Leaf II almost lost her to the wet bucket incident recovering okay

ILGM Goldleaf I The Bulldog

ILGM Afghani I she’s recovering as well BOM contender

ILGM Afghani II BOM contender

ILGM Amnesia Haze I ‘Long Tall Sally’ Check out the long colas

Here are the 3 almost ready

Hell’s Ice

Lemon Squeeze very close to done:)

Hash Sugar Daddy

Long Tall Sally in her new home

Some bud porn

Lemon Squeeze

Hell’s Ice

Gold Leaf’s buds

And there you have it Enjoy!

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Wowzers, hcg, those are beautiful! BOM contenders for sure! :+1: :v:


I think they might have crossed pollinated with some sequoia trees . Holy Cow HCG ! Unknown Great Job !


@Seeddog sometimes they feel that tall I can’t reach the top of all but the Lemon Squeeze Thank you. Au Naturelle


I’ve harvested, smoked, vegged another, and about ready to harvest another Lemon Skunk in the time your Lemon Squeeze has been growing…my gooey goodness she’s big!


The girls are looking good! @highcountrygal


You keep it up @highcountrygal and Tommy Chong is going to be looking you up my dear, LOOK LOOK LOOK at them BIG BEAUTIFUL BUDS… MMMMMMMM. Smok`em.


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you are the best 5 gal bucket grower i have ever seen!!!
what a great grow,i know you are a proud mamma!


So you judge by trichomes outside? How many outside growers do this? Many outsiders talk like they just let their plants go the full growing season and harvest before the first freeze, depending on whee your at?

Your plants are knockouts! September-Octoberish are beginning to become my favorite months here at ilgm. Insiders and outsiders alike are all harvesting! Your killing it? @highcountrygal


Took the words right out of my mouth lol, puts those MG haters to shame


I also do this unless tragedy strikes and I have to chop early to save a harvest. I tried to let one go until our first frost one year. I didn’t feel like it was worth the extra time for the effects I prefer.