I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


Good heavens, that reminds me of a state park location. Ever thought about camping out there? Excellant! Lol


@Happy_Pappy I will be so glad when this is done I am tired and want my old routine back. Thank you they did it on their own! I take it you got your job?


Just stopping by to say “High guys!” :wave:


I did. I will be starting my 7th week tomorrow. It looks like you could get a little break after this grow. It look like youll have a whole dispencery. Im curious to see what your total dry weight will be. Great looking garden.


Again all I can say is WOW I’m working that way with my Grape Ape but she is only 6 feet tall. She is gonna give ya a run for the bud of the month I think. @highcountrygal


Lol…I don’t fly. I’m unwilling to put myself through the stress of airports. Even for that beautiful girl of yours.


Wow going to a great harvest for you ! that lemon squeeze looks delicious!


There is a satisfaction to a nice quality home grown doobie, @highcountrygal. @smitty87, @Mrcrabs I did it, ya’ll! Let the pigeons loose.
And they say Disney World is the happiest place on earth! My butt!


Way to Grow MeatHead! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Good job! @Happy_Pappy


Thanks, Pollock! Wer ya sereous bout dat apegray aperay?


Im not really sure what you are saying. I know its hard to tell when im joking. Let me know what you are talking about. @Happy_Pappy


@Happy_Pappy check out this sweet little auto. Still have 10 seeds for this ILGM strain.

She is 2.5 months old and loaded with buds.


He’s asking about the Grape Ape. Such a great smoke!!


High heat or very low humidity? Those are some serious taco leaves!


Both it had been around 100 degrees and very dry. Thanks for the translation. He must have been high. @FloridaSon


This is one of few places that assumption is socially acceptable and not an insult lol

Like, “What, are you high? Yes? Oh, ok, carry on.”


Yep, Im guilty most times I am on this forum. Im guilty right now LOL. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


An attempt at pig Latin. Lmao


Alright. @Happy_Pappy that must be some good shtuff you grew, buddy! :joy:


The Grape Ape you warthog. I cant belueve a milwright wouldnt know that.