I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


Monday will probably be better for us…


@hangthebankstersthat’s fine just let me know time wise:)


@highcountrygal Your going to have to be part Lumberjack or Squirrel to finish that jewel. I can see you now standing on your head for that shot lol, as usual BEAUTIMUS…


@HolmesIt is the strangest plant I’ve ever seen straight up and done looks like those cedar trees that are ugly Hey you I have a friend new here Birdman1 stop by and say hi or tag him thank you


@Holmes A bit of both, add a taste of Johny Appleseed


@Birdman1 here’s hcg’s journal!

Nevermind. I’m a dope lol


Weekly update for 8/18/18 ILGM, Things are pulling together quickly, almost harvest time for the 3. They are starting to smell but not loudly. The 6 are following suit except the bulldog Gold Leaf and I’m really impressed with her she may go early but if she waits she’ll be powerful. The 6 are recovering nicely from the over water issue and are sloughing off the old leafs. Weather is finally being nice only in the 90’s now. I’ll start with the 3

l-r Hash Sugar Daddy Lemon Squeeze and Hell’s Ice

ILGM Amnesia Haze’s check out the 9’

ILGM Gold Leaf’s The Fairy and the Bulldog

ILGM The Afghani’s possible BOM contender

Buds from ILGM Gold Leaf

ILGM Amnesia Haze

Hash Sugar Daddy

Lemon Squeeze

Hell’s Ice

Afghani possible BOM contender

I am standing and I am 5’7" see how tall this ILGM Amnesia Haze is

Et Al

My Shishito Pepper haul took me 4 hrs they hide so you can’t find them

And there you have it enjoy!

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Yummy yummy yummy :yum: :clap:t2: :heart:


I’m all out of likes hcg, but that AfghanI is freaking ridiculous! I love it. How’s the Lemon Squeeze smelling? I’m glad you have soils help with the harvest!


@elheffe702 I think it may be one of the most potent smell it’s not lemony but intense skunk I can only describe it as a ‘liquid’ smell, smells damp but isn’t. I can’t wait


I know the smell…I love skunk and it’s descendant strains.


In the 70s and 80s around here that was the best around, some would be 12ft- 15ft not all but the ones that where always had huge buds. That almost sweet skunk smell…mmmmmmm. It`s a fine, fine day.


All of the girls are coming along great, I don’t know how you do it but you definitely are an amazing outside grower, you go girl, don’t let anything hold you down and just look how amazing your doing and your thread is getting a cult following lol keep up the great work


@Holmes the main cola on the 9’ one will I think over 5-6 feet itself. I have never seen anything so crazy yhe side colas are 3+ feet. I don’t have a clue where I am going to hang this monster.


@daz49 Thank you but they take the credit all I do is provide space, water and love. They are totally natural, except for Gypsum, Beastie Bloomz and Cha-Ching. Oh Fish gunk.


Good Lawdy!!


That my dear is a good problem to have, I have never heard anyone say MAN my COLAS are just bigger than I wanted, and if I ever do hear someone say that, Im gonna say I can solve that for you.... and SMOKEEM. hehehe… I topped and cloned the 2 CWs, and now dont know exactly what to do, get another grow area I guess. Still just my second indoor…


I know a nice little place about an hour west of Daytona Beach!


@FloridaSon Ha! what time did you say your plane lands?? Thery are out of control!