I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


@hangthebanksters LMAO! and there will be many more l;aughs I am sure!!! Oh The other side I couldn’t remember chuckie was crossed with GG#4 hence Chuckiues Goo :slight_smile:


Yes thank you for the samples. I have some too for you to partake. I can take some cuttings off my GG4 if you want to give that a whirl next season…



@hangthebanksters I told you the aliens took them LOL and they will never ever find out what happened. A lot of speculation and misguided theories aren’t gonna cut it.! Morning my friend!


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Just a few mid week pix from the afternoon

Gold Leaf

the othere gold leaf she’s recooperating from the wet bucket syndrome

the two Amnesia Hazes look at the difference


@highcountrygal - Your Ladies look Great and what a difference between the two Amnesia Hazes. How tall are they , have they started flowering yet , mine just started showing more developed flowers. Bittersweet, since I can only grow outside, my season is just about over :frowning_face:

But I can start thinking about next season , that will be here before we know it. I do have a question for you , Next grow I wanted to try a different strain. I have two in mind, AK-47 or Amnesia Haze, What’s your opinion, I see your growing Amnesia Haze now , was she easy to grow , and do you know anything about AK-47 , I still call myself a beginner, this is only my second grow from seed. I did grow the year two years ago , a friend had given me a plant that was well established and he helped me along the way. That’s how I got the grow bug , the next season [last year] I ordered seeds from ILGM and now I’m hooked. I’m already composting for next year, this is a very addictive hobby :money_mouth_face:



@highcountrygal - You are amazing, I can’t believe you do all plants in a wheelchair !!! Just can’t keep a good dog down , lol



@MBgrower High I am doing something now but will get back asap:)


DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN those babies are gorgeous. You are a true Ganja Guru lady, you are going to be high for a while. Reminds of an 80`s Loverboy tune SIGNS OF THE GYPSUM QUEEN. lol…


I went and got gypsum for my grow. You have another convert HCG :grin:


That first Golf Leaf is thick!!


made some dry rub kief this morning from my trimmings. Got 6.5g from a 1/2gal mason jar.


I just gotta say i tried some @highcountrygal Exorcist strain and it was off the chain! Good job on the excellent cannabis. Smooth and stony…


@highcountrygal Thank you I think it is awesome as well I think it was luck:) My things are progressing quickly. Stinky, yes


Hey, stranger @highcountrygal . I just wanted to drop in and say hello. :wave: I haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with you in quite some time. I know you’re very busy in your AWESOME garden these days. Try to take it easy and don’t over do it, yeah? I worry about you out in this heat. Anyway, I hope you’re doing great. I’m grinding up some coffee if you’re around to have a cup.


Haha stinky I bet! Have trim bin and scissors and will travel lol


Here, here, @hangthebanksters! I think @Budbrother said he’d cover gas!


@elheffe702 Hello back to you! Yeh it’s been a busy year and I had a lot of catching up to do with the gals:) My Lemon Squeeze (A possiblity Lemon Tree X Big Bud) is a winner she is just covered with colas buds and frost

I know you’ve ben busy workin’ I think the 3 will be ready in 3 weeks or less so that will cut down on my work load! Finally the heat broke, nasty weather. I am so ready for fall:) I’ll be back full force as soon as I can. You take care, my friend and I will type at you later:)


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Here is a pix of the craziest girl I have seen. 8’ tall and a cola that is unreal, from the top to the almost dirt level. I had to almost lay flat to get the perspective


@hangthebanksters Thank you! Being the recluse I am I have only shared it with 2 people so your opinion is great. Is it this Sat. you are coming over?