I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


Yeah this definitely is a bad year for outdoor growers. So glad I have 2 indoors cause my gorilla grow, 28 autos, has suffered massive bud rot. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Im glad that it was salvageable HCG. Sending positive vibes.


No but I’ve been running the A/C 12 hr per day and they sent me a high usage notice. I really have no choice as I’m caring for my 11 yo with special needs so it is what it is. Not looking forward to the higher humidity that comes in from the south during the fall. One consolation that is fall is harvest time. woo hoo!


I to an glad that there was minimal damage. Stay hydrated and under the ac as muggy as possible. Beautiful grow Gypsum Queen!


My 2 super soil girls were freakin cola trees . makes me sick. Sorry to hear you got hit with it too


@hangthebanksters I hope you tell sdge to lower your rates because of your son, my friend. I am just giving you advance warning. That’s what they did to me the high usage letter. I am 70 yrs old in a w/c and they want me to sit in this hot house. I am still kickin around the idea of a ‘trim’ friend. Which Burger king do you live by, the one off the Lake Jennings turn off or Lakeside by the pink jungle?


The one off Lake Jennings next to the tractor Supply… I got my SDGE bill yesterday. It was $1440. OUCH :disappointed_relieved:


Wow @highcountrygal, I’ve been super busy, but it looks like you’ve had your hands full also my friend, Get that axe sharpened up, them some huge trees.


@hangthebanksters OMG that is abuse of a monopoly. I hate to hear that! Yeh that’s the Burger King I am close to. maybe we could meet over a soda or whatever before harvest.


@Mrscrabs and @Mrcrabs Hi my friends I see you’ve been busy as well I miss you two a lot and hopefully after harvesrt we can all get back together. Here’s a late bloomer. A very slight touch of fall in the air For both of you from my garden

Love you both and take care Mother Nature is on the rampage


You guys should check out solar, if you own or if you can manage it. San Diego has a “Go Solar” program that gives low interest loans to PV installations. Usually, those programs allow for no out of pocket and an instant reduction in electrical bills + loan payments. That is, the loan payments are less than you’re paying in electricity, and of course your electricity is free. Not all programs are the same, but it’s just a friendly suggestion. In California, our climate and our energy rates make solar very attractive to most (but not all) people.


Thank you sweetie, beautiful flower, Mrs C sends hugs and kisses, we miss you also, I agree Mother Nature is going wild, but your natural grow style is amazing, it handles the elements nicely. Have a wonderful afternoon my friend


Sure thing! I spoke with my GF regarding helping you out and she would be happy to as well. Just name the time and place…


@nostril I have a 5kW solar set up at my house! I have been showing a staggering decline in output way more than the 1% annual decline due to age of the system. I believe its due to the particulates in the atmosphere caused by climate engineering programs. My .02…


@hangthebanksters Great that sounds good I can do most any time any day so if you are on schedules pick a time convient to both of you and let me know. Since Burger King seems close to both how about there?


Have you cleaned your panels? I find that getting on the roof and cleaning my panels with soapy water and a mop once a year improves efficiency. Something to try!


Yes that improves efficiency temporarily like 5%. Theres something else going thats causing the UV reduction. I believe its from the stratospheric aerosol injections casuing that light to be reflected back.


How about tomorrow at noon?


@hangthebanksters okay sounds good Burger King off Lake Jennings. I will see you then my friends


@hangthebanksters Ah Ha new friends! See you do look down in my yard! Wondewrful lunch!


Ha ha true! Glad to meet you. Us good stony people need to stick together. I guess you can say im officially in the Lakeside Gypsum Growers Association…