I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


@Rickandbobbyd I am so sorry but I was wrapped up in my family stuff. I did get a chance to read about your husbands cancer. I cried when I read that and it set me back a bit. I hate that word. My prayers are with you both and I love you both! And the happy part I see you are to be married, how wonderful is that! And you know I will be there in Spirit. Your grow is absolutely beautiful and I am back. I just got overwhelmed with turmoil there for a while, I helped take care of my nieces kidlets while she was getting repaired from her accident. Thank you as well for your thoughts and prayers. Believe me they were heard! I am trying to beat the sun in the early am so this is about the time I will be coming on here, it’s starting to be busy time and with 9 monsters it never stops and then harvest! Don’t forsake me yet:)


High @Holmes Whew I am finally able to sit back and tend to business! How the heck are you? and how is your grow. I was laughing at you when you said you wanted to grow a lot of plants 10 or 12? Think twice even thrice!! My whole day is taken up with 9 and I am falling behind in pruning and I have to go out early to beat the heat at about 5:30am to do it all! I still have over half of 17’s grow and most of my winter grow and I should open a dispensory!


Here shortly you will see, they are already 3 weeks but only right at 10" tall and look good I`ll post some pics on another thread. Until then my dear I bid you farewell.


Your opium poppies are lovley, you take care now and just pace yourself , lots of smoke/ water breaks and sending love back at you!!


I am Happy to report that my husband is home and doing well. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Day 10. Going great. More budding


@Mrcrabs I went online to see what I could find out about my poppies. Actually all poppies are opium poppies but if you only grow them for flowers it’s legal but when you started milkin’ those babies it’s then illegal. High Mrscrabs! Hope you are doing well!


@Rickandbobbyd That is wonderful news and I hope able to enjoy the beautiful day outside under a shade tree. You two deserve good things sent your way via the Universe. Enjoy each other!


@Rickandbobbyd Wow have they ever grown! Buddin right up just like they should! You are doing an excellent job my friend


@highcountrygal. I haven’t used any nutes except for the week that I though I burned them. Haven’t used since.


That’s cool to know! I didn’t think the California poppy was good for medicinal use.

Do you have to process the sap or is it usable in its raw form for pain?


@highcountrygal, my trichomes have went from clear to milky. Is it time?


@FloridaSon I don’t think Ca. poppies are in the same catagory. Look up Giant Afghan Poppies, that’s how I found this out, that’s what I have. There is one good place to find seeds OrganicalBotanicals.com. There might be a demo on how to do it on you tube. It’s the pods


High! @Happy_Pappy I’ve been trying to get back to you but these 9 gals are over taking my life, because it is so hot and dry here I am constantly watering which takes forever esp. mid day when it is too hot, and I am frying. Milky okay now start watching very closely, what you want to see are trichromes that look dirty yellow and this will happen fast so check frequently several places to get an overall look. This is when they will start turning amber. So you are getting very close I would say 1 1/2 weeks maybe a litle bit more. Just watch closely. Check the oldest first then some newer ones. Gotta go suns up and it’s going to be hot. I’ll try to catch up later.


Okay my friend, it’s swelling really nice. My phone has a cheaper camera do I can’t get a good enough pic… Thanks for the reply and hope all is well on your end. Ill keep an eye out.


Ok, when you said any poppy I thought you meant any of them.

I scored a gram of opium on a Greyhound bus back in '87. Man that was something else! That is what led to my question about processing it. The stuff I had didn’t seem like it was just dried sap.


@FloridaSon that’s exactly what it is dried sap. All I know is that they make a sideways slit and the stuff that drips out is what they collect.


The dried sap is then processed to the next step and that is the black tar opium that I used to get. Soft and gooey. We used to smoke the stuff. Stick a hunk on a strait pin that was stuck to a match book. Light it on fire then stick a glass over it. Then slide it to the end of a table, put your mount at the edge and toke it down. Very mellow but euphoric high.


Yeah, I was 17 and didn’t know anything about it. We put a pea size dab of it on a little bud we had and put fire to it! Talk about wasting a good thing!!

The high was something I’ll never forget until I passed out. Woke up in jail. Talk about a buzz kill…


No shit. Tar opium is a great euphoric thing. Only problem is that you keep chasing the first hit and never catch it.