I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


I have a two part harvest bin with a fine screen in the bottom of the top part. What else do I need to get started?


Did it get hot? I did get all 9 trimmed and that water thing is resolved! So I am sitting here just listening to music and I hear this loud noise and then right over my head I hear call 911 and I thought they were talking to me, and with a good hit in my lungs it comes flying out. Then I heard keep your eyes out for a 45 y/o man if seen call 911. I thought they were going to use my pot patch for a heliopad. This went on for about 20 min. right over my block.


I am out of likes. @merlin44 a comfortable chair, either good music or a good tv show and cup of coffee, some frozen weed and your hands. The trim tray is what I use. Just make sure that when drying your trim make sure it is absolutely dry because if it’s wet when you freeze it and then unthaws it will be mushy. When you are tired throw what’s left back into the freezer repeat this until you have got it all, my friend. I am always around so if ya need me I am here some where. I want to know what you think after you have tried it!


I forgot I put freezer paper on the bottom bin to catch the keef so it doesn’t fly around as much. @merlin44


I hate to seem dense, but here it goes…LOL

It is not clear to me what is being rubbed against what??? I can see that the buds are being rubbed against something. Just not sure what that “something” is ???


@highcountrygal don’t worry I gotcha. :sunglasses: bookmarked it so I wouldn’t lose it when I needed it. @Mrcrabs @merlin44


You are not dense I am stoned! @merlin44 rub it against the screen in the trim bin back and forth round and round any way you want and when you go to look at your keef make sure to scrape off what is on the underside of the screen, there is usually a lot. sorry


Thanks for the details, this is all new to me, never even heard of keef before joining here.

I only smoked it some thirty years ago.


Voices from above, good grief @highcountrygal What mind thrashing that must have been. Would’ve sent me into hiding…hahahaha

How long was your pulse racing?? :smile:

Even though I’m sitting still, I keep getting lost. I’m going to the garden for a little bit…and come back to earth.


Thank you I couldn’t find it to save my soul! @FNG101v2


Don’t feel bad we all have been there and I am always stoned but here for you! @merlin44 I’m 70 so my mind is unavailable at times:)


I am out of likes. Enjoy the warmth of the sun and rest! @mulegal when we meet again coffee?


yes coffee later. Garden is pulling me.


Go sweet lady hurry! @mulegal


Just one more question (for now HaHa), what is the reason for freezing the buds before rubbing? I sure appreciate your time here…Thx


I’m definitely impressed! It’s something for maybe next year’s grow budget :+1:


Ha you can ask a hundred questions! No question is silly or dumb, if you don’t know something ask! @merlin44 and I am here for you to do just that, my friend! The reason is that the trichomes (keef) loosens itself from what it is holding onto so it comes off easily. I usually let them freeze at lease 6-8 hours. When you open the container you are using to frreeze your green in tap it before you open it and then you will see the keef at the bottom. do a rub on this so no greenery gets through! If you do a few different strains wait to see the different colors of keef you get.


I had a larfy 1/2 oz in freezer, just rubbed it in my trim bin. I felt the result with my fingers and it sort of stuck together. I just took the whole thing and pressed it into a little cylinder. It weights 0.7 g. What do I do with it? Can I just smoke in my hit pipe? How much per hit?

It looks a bit like hash???


Good job! Easy huh! I try to keep mine in an air tight container, it’s up to you. I have a tiny measuring spoon, the smallest in a set, and I add a half a scoop for my pipe and you can layer it with bud, or lie it on top of your packed pipe. Sprinkle it in when you are twistin one up. And if you cook it can be used but I think you’ll need more. Go slow at first because it is a collection of all that thc and can knock you for a loop if you are not used to it, when you’ve got that mastered then you will know how much. I find it better if I put a pinch of bud in the pipe before the keef… You will get a bunch of tarry looking stuff in your pipe, that’s still smokable for a hit or two it’s basically hash that has melted. And don’t draw hard or you will cough


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