I'm HCG! Come along with me for a summer's grow


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Welcome to my Summer of ‘18 grow! I Love Growing Marijuana, truly I do. For anyone who doesn’t know me a bit of history, I grew up in the 60’s, smoked my first ‘joint’ with some friends from high school, we just graduated 1966, and have never looked back. Here I am now a true ‘old schooler’, still growin’ my own at 70. Boy have things changed over the years! I am in a wheel chair now, broken hip didn’t heal right, so I do things much differently, at my level. I have a scooter The Pot Mobile’ which is my baby. I am an outdoor grower only, couldn’t figure out a grow thing if my life depended on it. I am the epitome of ‘let it be’ growing, I am a firm believer of quality vs quantity, because if you have quality you don’t need quantity. I do not pinch or tie or need to stake my girls. I grow in 5 gal. buckets and as you will see a very firm believer in the use of gypsum, minimal nutrients, the use of tap water and all the sun that shines! I also believe I am controversial and that’s so okay, it makes for good thinking! I believe that every thing you do when growing is either good or bad and each gives a valuable lesson. And yes you can do it! Just remember this, my mantra, 'your mind listens to what your mouth says, if you say you can’t you won’t, but, if you say I can, you will! Believe in yourself before you even start! With all that being said, come on in and pull up a chair, stay awhile and I hope we all will learn something new. I love questions so ask away!

Brass tacks:
Strains I am growing: ILGM Afghani Fem. X 2
ILGM Gold Leaf Fem. X 2
IGLM Amnesia Haze Fem. X 2
Hell’s Ice X1 Polar Vortex X The Exorcist
Lemon Squeeze X 1 Lemon Tree X Big Bud
Hash Sugar Daddy X 1
When they were started: Feb 13 hatched 2/17
Hell’s Ice
Lemon Squeeze
Hash Sugar Daddy
ILGM seeds Started 3/13 hatched 3/17
Gold Leaf
Amnesia Haze

My soil mix includes:

I also use Monterey BT on a strict weekly basis for control of cabbage worms

Here are the extras added to my soil mix

I also use Blood meal, acidic food they get a pinch once.

They are watered at least 2 X’s a day unless otherwise needed.

I am goin to start the pictures with already growing babies.

I am going to skip to today’s update

Finally got to finish with pics!


I wish you continued success this year. Happy Growing!


Can’t wait to see what the summer grow holds.


Thank you @MattyBear it’s hard to get to every one as you know, please come along all are very welcome. Help spread the word


@raustin esp the ILGM plants I am aiming at bud of the month!


dang your on a roll @highcountrygal I’m on board!


You go girl!! I’m on board @highcountrygal I’m doing ilmg white widow fem


Welcome! @Rickandbobbyd let’s see what we can do!


as the buckets say…’‘let’s do this!!!’’
i’ll be tagging along @highcountrygal


Thanks for the invite you know this Loyal Subject will be following especially since the following hatched on my Birthday!
Strains I am growing: ILGM Afghani Fem. X 2
ILGM Gold Leaf Fem. X 2
IGLM Amnesia Haze Fem. X 2
Hell’s Ice X1 Polar Vortex X The Exorcist
Lemon Squeeze X 1 Lemon Tree X Big Bud
Hash Sugar Daddy X 1
When they were started: Feb 13 hatched 2/17
Crazy world we live in and what a coincidence!


No tag that I see @highcountrygal but I found you and I am subbed in (watching) for the duration. A superthrive user, Yay!! @Willd and the former @bob31 and yours truly like the stuff also.

You look set to have a super grow but you know that!! Thanks for the referral!! I will tag you into my new journal.


Well Happy Bday! @smitty87 Such a beautiful day in your honor! Here is a hit for you Puff, Puff pass:)


@Screwauger Yes please do:)


Wooo hooo! Thanks for the tag, and I’ll be following along extensively for entertainment purposes and otherwise. You know me, I try to frequent my grow journals every day, but if you need me, don’t forget the tag! Thanks for tagging me @highcountrygal!!


I’ll try to not be a Bogart. Funny how the coincidences seem to Keep on rolling. I was wondering if you were willing to share your secret recipe for the dry ingredients in your soil mix. I would understand if you wanted to keep that under your hat but it could be our little secret. :sunglasses: @highcountrygal


@smitty87 HaHaHa! nothing I do is secretive! Actually I just put all of the stuff in pics on the new journal. I am not quite sure you should put your email up, we can do it through here! Any time, anytime!


My email is so blasted with junk I usually just delete it anyway.


@smitty87 Thx. What I get are telemarketers by the million, invalid numbers so unless I recognize the # I don’t answer. Once I told a telemarketer woman a string of very precise no uncertain terms why she shouldn’t call my number and she says ‘you don’t have a right to talk to me like that’ What a joke


Goodness girl looks like you got all your sh…tuff headed in the right direction if you dont mind this looks like my kinda fun. Im in too!


@Holmes Welcome, pull up a chair and let’s get this grow together! The more the merrier. Please set to watch because we are limited to 10 @'s. I just finished my winter grow all but one. ‘Come grow with me by hcg’ Check it out