I'm having trouble with my starts

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Hey there so I’m having trouble with my starts I have been told two different things I have a strain called cherry sprite it is a indica and I grew a plant and had made a start off of that plant and now I have been trying to make a start off of this plant but I can’t seem to get it to start to root now I have been told that I can’t start off of a start and I have been told It doesn’t matter how many times u start I do t know what I am doing g wrong I have a plastic container that I have put holes in the bottom for drain and I have used the Olivia cloning gel and cut my clone at the middle of the fourth node and then put a sandwich baggy over the top and also cut the tips of the leafs and they will stay green for a long time but no roots I have tried over 30 times and failed each time please if u could let me know what I can do different it wild be much appreciated thank u

Here a good guide that should help you out
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Either the environment is not warm enough… or you may be keeping soil to wet… :wink:

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You can clone and clone and clone indefinitely. I’ve found that taking just about two inches of a growing tip makes for the best clone. They start tiny but they never droop and keep on sprouting new leaves continuously. I always cut them, prep the stem by scraping it a bit, dip in Clonex gel, and put them immediately in a wet Root Riot peat cube. It takes about 30 seconds. Then I go on to the next one.

I keep the Root Riot tray filled with about 1/4" of DynaGrow 1/2 strength solution, so the peat cubes can soak it up. About every 6 hours I mist the clones and dome with the same 1/2 strength DynaGrow. I start with 18/6 CFL or COB light at about 10000 lux. After about 15 days I pop the peat cubes out of the tray and they always have roots showing on the sides of the cubes. Ready to go in beer cups.

That’s worked on 100% of the clones I have taken. My failure rate is zero. That works for me, but I’m sure you could use any other rooting gels or powders, other rooting cubes, and any complete vegetation nutrient solution as long as you dilute it. And then start the light weak and increase it gradually once you transplant. By two or three new nodes you can be running full strength nutes and light.

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So I have the bible but I’m not good with understanding things if that makes sense so wen I clone should I keep the soil as dry as I can and just mist or should the soil be wet

I start with moist soil. Cover with some sort of dome, plastic bottle tops are usually my go-to, and only mist to maintain humidity inside the “dome”.

As the soil dries, I will add water to the soil, but I tend to let clone soil dry out more than other plants until I know there are roots.

At least once a day, I remove the plastic for a few minutes to allow fresh air and to exchange beneficial gases between the two of us.

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Right on thanx for the advise

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I put new clippings in root riot peat cubes and then put those in a tray with 1/2 strength nute solution, so the cubes are always wet. Keep the dome and leaves misted every 6 hours. After 15 days, they have a bunch of roots along the outside of the cubes, so they go in the beer cups. 100% success so far.