Im having smashed seeds sent

Im an experience grower for medicinal perpous and have been trying to get seeds from ilgm for 2 months now going to say they have tryed to fix the problem but however made it worce. So I ordered a batch of hero seeds witch was supposto be a bag of 5 Bruce banner fem 5 black widow fem and 5 skywalker fem and the first order came in about 2 weeks time. Mind you im in illinoise but however reciveing the package i notices most the seeds are crushed. I try to contact support claire is who messages me back and at first tryed to tell me only 3 seeds were smashed so thats all they were sendin then i sent more photos of all the cracked seeds as they were damnaged too and they proudly clame to be number 1 because of fixing shit like this is why i spent 160 dollers… Now they sent a replacement order but only to find about another 2 weeks later a full smashed 15 seeds. I mean like dust … So here i go back to clair to see if they will send the order mabie in here plastic or send fresh seeds not frail seeds so i can start my next grow and now its 72hrs from getting my pack of smashed replacement seeds an the only responce was they offer a refund to zell or bitcoin when i payed with ■■■■ to avoid the b.s. and so I just asked for seeds again another replacement and they wont respond now so only time will tell what they will do but as of now im out 160 bucks and 2 months of grow time witch to any grower knows is a big ass deal

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Really sorry to hear this. I’ve received seeds that did not germinate and they replaced them quickly. They were very nice and took care of the problem. Sad to hear this. Please reach out to them I’m sure they will fix it

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I’m sorry to hear of your issues. I’ve received Multiple orders over a couple of years. I’ve always received orders in a timely fashion without issues. I’ve had a total of 2 problems with germination and once received autos instead of photos. All 3 times ILGM took care of problem promptly and to my complete satisfaction. Aside from the loss of your growing time, hopefully they will take care of problems.


ive sent photos and contacted over and over by email and its really frustrating i just want to try out some of their seeds i mean shit i spent 160 you would think they would take care of that order prompt as well… any suggestions im all ears

Cody, wow, I don’t even know what to say, but something needs to happen for you. Wow they admitted to sending crushed seeds, that would be the last time they got a penny from me.
Maybe these guys can send you some seeds. Hope this helps you. I’d call my bank and get them to look into the matter! Don’t pay for something if you don’t receive it. If you get some seeds soon you can still have a harvest

Sorry to hear you are having issues with getting your seeds. I know I and a friend have had issues with seeds here and we both decided to go else where for seeds.

If this site would allow us to PM each other I would just get you address and send you some better seeds for free.

I wouldn’t recommend sending “better” seeds.
But I’ll watch this and see what happens

That’s why off line

Wow!! Let’s see how this goes

Better seeds was a way of just wording it, they did look old and frail but honist to god i just cant afford to loose 200 dollers n seeds and not be inpacted at this point just a real bummer canuk seeds have been my best growes yet but like I said its not like they refunded my 200 so i cant even go else where to buy seeds atm bc that was my seed money

Guess ILGM got upset because I said better seeds LOL.

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lol really crazy they can edit comments but cant message me back with support team about my order what kind of shit is that

Thats different people who handle that end.

I’m sure there are many different seeds bank grown on here. But to have this forum, with all the support and to say better seeds is a little rude,

i know but still ironic

Your seeds were likely damaged in shipping, and now on the back end of holiday weekend. Someome will get with you, if not I will see @ILGM.Stacy can take a look.

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TBH I would have offered some of my ILGM Sour diesel auto, Blackberry Kush, and OG Kush. was not going to offer anything outside of this company.

AS is some other ILGM seeds?