I'm having a problem with identifying a deficiency

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m Albert and I just started growing. I’m about 8 weeks into veg. I’m having a problem with identifying a deficiency, was wondering if you could help in anyway. I just recently got a ph meter since funds have been low. I been giving it water from about 6.5 to 7 ph. I have it in an indoor grow tent 4x4x7ft with hps light 400wt. The room it’s in gets a little warmer then should about 88 to 89 degrees. I’m working on that but plants seem to be OK, just yellowing from bottom upwards and not sure if it’s a ph balance still or a nitrogen and I was wondering if you could help me out. Much appreciated here are some pics of plants. I got 4 gsc”

"Just a little about how I got started. My partner and I decide we wanted to start a grow. So we looked around and thru friends already involved in growing we got some info. We decided to give it a try. This is our 1st time growing plants this big after having some troubles early on, on our real 1st grow attempt. We got knowledge from other posts and hightimes, for me personally it got confusing cuz everyone has different styles and it was a lot of mixed information. After having come across ILGM’s site and reading the infos, it helped a lot and is more clearer. I recently bought the ebook grow bible from online to help but by then I already had the 4 plants. So here is the info you asked for as much to my knowledge about everything.

  • Strain = girl scout cookies from a friend that cloned them
  • Soil in pots= started with happy frog n after transplanting to 5 gallon pot I used vermasoil from what the dude at hydro store recommended
  • Ph = at 1st I started with tap water from kitchen sink cuz I didn’t know better. Then a friend told me to use purified water since the leaves were turning yellow. After awhile they got green again so I figure all’s well. After doing some reading from your bible I saw that you have to test water so since funds were low I couldn’t yet do that. Once I got a ph meter I tested it and water was way low at 4.0. I then started to test water after and put 6.5 to 7 ph of water in pots. So early on I didn’t know what the ph was until I got the meter. So ph I’m putting is from 6.5 to 7 ph and the runoff is just bout the same
  • Nutrients = fish fertilizer. As far as the strength na since I was given a water bottle full of it and been using that
  • Indoor or outdoor: It’s an indoor grow tent
  • Lights = hps light with 400wt
  • Temp = na because not sure if you want from the light schedule it’s on and then when off or u want the temp of my area from were I live from day n night
  • Humidity = na same as temps not sure which one
  • Ventilation = 4 in carbon filter with fan/ 3 mini clip fans/ 4in intake fan/4in exhaust fan
  • A.C. humidifier/ dehumidifier = na don’t have
  • Co2= no

I hope this helps you to help me figure this problem out. I really want to fix before flowering like I said it’s been vegging for bout 8 weeks this August 30th. And so you get and idea of were I’m at on thinking what the problem is, I believe it’s a either ph, npk, is what I’m leaning towards just not to sure. As the bible says you want to be sure before you take action. P.S. Here’s a few pics of the 4 plants. Hope you can help and thanks again."

Is the medium a soilless mix your ph may be off
What is soil made of Albert ?

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B honest I didn’t even check. dude at hydro store said wat used happy frog n vermasoil would do the job. Happy frog was 1st after transplanting from a red beer pong cup. Vermasoil was used after transplanting to wat they in now. Since I had no clue I went off wat guy said n I even actually explained wat I was trying to grow. Any more ideas would b appreciated just trying to learn . Thank u

I just looked at the vermasoil: good stuff. Sister company to General Hydroponics.

My first thought was nute burn, but I suspect your ph meter is wacky. I seriously doubt tap water is delivered at 4.0 ph! The very first thing I would do is pin down the calibration of your meter. Once you have good data I would flush and start fresh.

Albert needs help, any ideas?

Full disclosure- I am a total newb- but I had a phosphorus deficiency that looked alot like what is going on here. Yellowing, curling leaves, starting at the bottom of the plant. If you go to my journal, you can see pics, as well as treatment options.
I don’t know if this will help, but maybe someone else can @garrigan62

Anything thing helps in a newb as well thank u

I’m with @Myfriendis410 and say calibration of ph meter is needed :+1:

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Hate to piggy back but anybody have any idea what is going on with her. Its a bag seed, DWC, GH flora, ph is 6.2. Looked up the symptom and the only pic i found that looked like mine was TMV ( rare).


I have 3 in a 5gal bucket right now and its the only one that looks like this. Once IRMA is gone im transplanting each to its own bucket. Just hope they make it through this damn hurricane

don’t feel bad for piggy backing, just start your own topic, then only happy feelings :slight_smile:

Is this potassium deficiency?

You definitely have something starting the @Laqwanies what your ph at
Since your in dwc set up I won’t be much help I’m a soil guy but I’ll suggest you start your own thread
Place it in beginner or plant care section
You get more help that way
Also fill out a support ticket with all the important info when you do
And tag @Donaldj into it he’s a hydro guy

Based solely on appearance not much I can say I would want to know some basic facts about the plant
res temps and day/night temps
last nutrient mix it was given?

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