I'm having a major humidity problem. First time grow

I’m going to purchase a dehumidifier. My space is 120 cubic feet with a constant average RH of 50-75% depending on when the AC is running. When it doesn’t run the RH jacks up while the lights are on. I was planning on getting this one:

Hysure Dehumidifier, Deshumidificador 700ml (24fl.oz) 1200 Cubic Feet(215 sq ft) Quiet Room Dehumidifier

I’m about 4 week in from germination growing autoflower (thankfully she has been very resiliant) so the flowering is happening soon and the humidity has already caused problems. Will this unit prevent bud rot or would I be better off just getting one with an adjustable RH? I’m on a budget so I can’t spend on a high priced unit. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

I would check out offer up or Craigslist for one before I went to the store. I got a 70 pint adjustable one for 75 through offer up. You want adjustable and a big tank with that much rh other wise you will be dumping it all the time. Plus when you get 2 weeks from harvest drop that to 15% rh and watch the sugar and resins grow like crazy

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@ThcinKC I wish it was that easy. I live in Cental Bumf**k where there isn’t much to offer on CL or sites like offerup. Why I get everything through Amazon delivered. I do appreciate the tip. With all this rain in the past few weeks the humidity has been horrendous.

How about this one?

It looks ok give it a shot

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Alrighty then. Thanks.

I feel your high humidity/low budget pain fellow grower, its been a b***h trying to keep mine at 50% let alone getting it all the way down to 15% :see_no_evil: like @ThcinKC suggests!!
Good luck with your mission :ok_hand: it can be done :fist:

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@Wildwest Thanks, true believer! :metal:

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I have been using that exact dehumidifier. My RH was between 40% (lights on) and 90% (lights off). This unit dosent pull all that much water from the air, but helps. I was able to lower it to 65% during lights off. I am hoping this should be enough, considering I have adequet air circulation and exhaust. But I am a new indoor grower so I am sure I have plenty to learn. Good luck.


Well i guarentee You are in the right place for help, i wouldnt have gotten this far with my girls without this forum!!

Im gunna need to get me a dehumidifier i think, i need to bring mine down in the PM as it stands at 70/75 :confused:

Goodluck :ok_hand:

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@Botcan The Amazon one or the Ebay one? I was probably going to go with the ebay one. After moving some fan leaves around, I noticed that she is starting to flower so I’ll probably order tonight.

Best of luck to you as well on your journey, thanks!

@Wildwest WOW that is high! Mine is around the 77 degree F/ 56% RH range with the AC on, when my wife turns the AC off the RH shoots to 86 Degrees/70% range within an hour and I have to open the door to let some of the heat and humidity out… Lights out it’s around 79 degrees/ 60-65% RH. Just crazy trying to keep up sometimes.

@Chip_Butterfield The Amazon one. The thing is great, small, quiet and efficient on power. But I wish I would have went with something a little bigger.

What is a dangerous level to be at, assuming there’s plenty of ventilation and air movement?

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@Botcan According to the blog on this site, when the flowering stage occurrs, you want to lower the humidity to 50%. Lower than that if at all possible to prevent bud rot and other issues such as yeild. I already had to transfer once and add hydroguard because the humidity started messing with the roots, resulting in a bit of some stunted growth, also a problem with humidity. At this stage for an autoflower, that’s not a good thing to do as sensitive as they are. I’m not expecting much with this first grow, but Next time around I will have everything I will need (as well as photo seeds so I have more of a learning curve as far as topping and LST) and not get things on the spot and stress about the process.

That Ebay one is 40% off at 69.99 free shipping with RH control and a bit bigger size. That’s what I’ll be going for. Just hope all goes well within the week it’ll take to get here.

Don’t forget to check for strains that can handle the high humidity levels in your area might make it a easier grow for your situation.

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@ThcinKC One step ahead on that. Looking into more white widow and power plant.

I’m growing white widow as well. Just a couple weeks away from harvest. @Chip_Butterfield

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@Botcan Nice! Those look ready for plucking. These were the last pics before me phone broke yesterday. From 2 nights ago.

I’ve clipped and maneuvered a couple fan leaves since then to get more light to the underside. 4 weeks today.

Have a puff for me once your colas are strait, man! :metal:

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Nice, they look very healthy! @Chip_Butterfield

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You think? I didn’t expect it to be short n bushy like, but supposedly WW Autos tend to be that way. Why I’m going photo until I know what I’m doing more.

Well I’m a newbie just like you, but it is my understanding that a good light source will keep them short and bushy. This will all depend in the strain as well obviously.