I'm gunna start a 2nd journal for my other 5 little ones

And here they are.

the last pik was the one I topped early, but she or he is doing ok.

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Is that alotta little sproutlings with her?! If not weeds? Pull them from the roots. And im no outdoor grower. But ur soil looks kinda… thick? Did you amend it? Or is it just local? Id add some kinda ‘fluffer’ to it. Perlite. Vermiculite. Or something to help drainage/ roots ease to grow

The sand content in soil looks sufficient enough

Yeah those are little weeds I clean them out but they keep pop’n up, the roots are small and stringy. But the roots on my bud plants have no problem with going through the soil. B4 I planted I turned the soil down to the hard pan and mixed in a bag of blood meal and a bag of bone marrow. I water 2-3 times a week. The soil is actually not that hard.

O i believe ya man. Just an observation. Damn weeds was all in my veggies this year. I pulld a ton til my mother taught me the value of mulch. Next year im mulching and DE’n everything. :joy::joy: only had enough for the mj this year. N only weekly.