I'm guessing this is bud rot

I’m so close to the end (I think) and I’m just trying to get to harvest. I’m at about Day 70 on my oldest two White Widow Autoflowers, about a week behind on the others. I’ve been picking off some worms/caterpillars. Does this look like bud rot?

I’ve noticed that on the two oldest plants, some of the trichomes are starting to turn brown. Hopefully, I’m close.


No it doesnt look like bud rot, it looks like dead tissue. The bud rot Im familiar with is a powdery grey color. Perhaps the worms have killed that portion of your bud? Bud rot looks bluey grey like someone smeared lithium grease on them.


Oh it could be but likely infected by a worm. Bud rot turns the spot into goo; it doesn’t dry it out. Usually the first clue you have it is one dead sugar leaf sticking out and when you tug on it comes right out. A caterpillar in the top will eventually kill the top and cause a path for fungus to get into the cola. You have to deal with caterpillars or face the consequences.


Do I need to cut that bud off to keep the fungus from spreading?

Definitely if you haven’t already!

I cut those parts out yesterday. If I see more developing, should I rush the harvest a bit? I assumed I had 7-14 days left, but if these boogers are just going to chomp away, maybe I should harvest a little early? Here’s a few shots of the trichomes.