Im guessing nitrogen deficiency?

this is starting low and working up, ph in soil was 7.0 so i was flushing with 6.2ph but it started before i flushed.
outdoors, fox farm and dirt, plant is flowering now, i dont have tds meter, but its ordered. i try keeping
water about 6.5 ph. its been really hot here in the desert 105 f to 70 at night. so they need water every other day.
thanks tom

It is probably not a nitrogen deficiency. More likely a nutrient salt toxicity since the pH sounds like it isn’t too far from ideal for soil.

Also, usually it is boron, copper, zinc and iron, not necessarily in any particular order, and maybe manganese, that are the deficiencies to look out for – caused by high pH in soils.

So how do I correct the nut salt toxicity. Flush with water?

Yes, flushing with properly pH’d water will work, but without reading the run-off’s EC/TDS, you won’t know how bad it was or how much you really need to flush to get the EC/TDS back down to a reasonable level.

Nonetheless, flushing with 3 times the volume of water to the volume of soil will probably help.

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