I'm growing with LED Lights, please help me

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I’m growing with LED Lights.
I’m in Veg Mode.
Is it ok if I use a High Pressure Sodium Light Or A Metal Halied Bulb?
Or will they harm my plants?

Hello it would be awesome if you made an account. There are a good number of insanely helpful people around here. What are you color temps and wattage on each? Color temls being 2500k-6500k qbd watts being… the number with w being it

Switch your light to both veg and bloom and it will help you out a bunch. But yes, you can use both LED and HID lighting.
A lot of people see very good results using both types.

I was doing the same. 1-2500w led. I bought a 1000w hps with a dimmer. 2 days after having them both on the girls took off.