I'm growing my own medicine

Hi friends. Here are some of my girls. The twins were born on the 4th of July. Outdoor container grow. The other are obviously only about a week and a half old but look much different than the first two. They look sort of deformed but I had so many that didn’t germinate that I don’t want to give up on them. They are all getting a lot of sun, plenty of water and it’s freaking hot every day. But the twins look great, healthy and getting their big girl leaves. @Sasquatch, @WillyJ @bob31, @bruinsfan33, @MedicineMan


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BTW. One of the larger two is Gold leaf and the rest are White Widow.
Oh AND,… I got approved for my FL Medical Marijuana license. I should have it in a few weeks. The laws are so strict. Glad I found a good doc Who recognize that I was beyond eligible. @peachfuzz
And he actually believes that there are healing properties in cannabis. What a concept.


The larger one will definitely be the Gold Leaf @Lindababy Have you seen mine? She’s gonna be huge!

The little girls though what is going on there? Also I’m at 100% germination to harvest using ILGM seeds so i’m wondering why you are having difficulties?

Congrats on the MMJ. That is awesome! Surely makes life a bit easier!


They looking good @Lindababy ! The one WW looks like its stretched. cant really see them that well. prop it up and get it some sunshine… Have they been in side?.


Your girls are beautiful! I almost thought the leaves were extra big, but I see its the angle. Congrats on your license too! I agree with @Sasquatch the one on the right looks a bit stretched!


It’s getting a lot of sun now. When I started it was raining everyday but now they are outside for good. I was scared at first that they would drown with the torrential subtropical downpours that we get here in SW FL so I would move them under the lanaii ceiling. THE BABY’S CAME thru a little deformed. Literally popped out this way. I’m not giving up on them though. Not baying them as much as the first two. Thanks for your input.

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@Oleskolpaperchick Thanks yeah it did get stretched at first but doesn’t seem to be hurting it now.

@Sasquatch not inside but under the lanaii roof a bit. Only because I was afraid it would drown in the rain. But they are big enough to be out for good now, and we get sun out back 7am till about six. Unless our subtropical afternoon storm comes rolling in. But usually brightens up again for a few more hours of sun. It’s also very hot. High 90s everyday. Luckily I’m home to monitor the weather conditions. Not giving up on them. Thanks for your input.

@bob31 as for the seed germination issue. Not sure what happened with my fails but I got 1 out of 5 gold leaf and 5 out
15 White WIDOW. So not sure. May have been too wet, or too hot. I was in the Gulf of Mexico today and the water was 94 degrees. So could just be the oppressive climate. I still have 5 more WW to fall back on if these fail. I believe that growing anything from seed in July in FL is a little risky.

Emerald Coast? @Lindababy

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@bob31 Near Fort Myers, home of the Boston Red Sox Spring Training. Great fun area!

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Thanks everyone for your input. :green_heart:


My buddy is in N Ft Meyers! I’m gonna get down that way one of these days. How are the beaches there?

Gorgeous!!! @bob31

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New growth. Amazing what a few days can do. They’ve grown about 50% of their height since 4 days ago and lots more sub leaves starting to come out. This is getting exciting. And the little ones that I thought looked deformed now look really good. Hmmm