I'm growing feminized seeds in much bigger pots in a grow tent

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

This will be my 1st grow really because I did order a Northern Lights autofem it grew I about an oz dried from it?
This time I’m growing feminized seeds in much bigger pots in a grow tent w/600 watt HPS for foliage and during flowering and budding I’ll use a 600w Mh
Plus the whole tent setup to start should I grow in my 4’x4’ space 4 plants 1 of each the Blueberry kush and Bergmans Gold Leaf super skunk!So do you think I should start that way??
Thank You for your time!


I grow four in that size tent. Youll be fine. Happy Growing!


I’m not sure if you misspoke but I think for veg you want to use MH and for flowering you want to use HPS…?
I just want to make sure you get off to a good start. I’m sure some more knowledgeable growers will come and respond to the post and correct me if I’m wrong. Double check to make sure what I stated is right and you’re using the right light for the right grow phase. Good luck


@neckNflu is right. Mh = veg, hps = flower.


If you do two plants in that space in flower they will get bigger since they will have more room to spread out
That being said you can do max 4 plants as @Laurap mentioned
it will be crowded in the tent tho
I used to do three in my same size tent
With photos six with autos
Good call on the lights @neckNflu
What size pots are you in ?