Im giving up on pressing flower nothing works

Hi guys i dont know if im doing something wrong
Or my flower hasnt got alot of oil but im giving up on pressing flower nothing i do works this is the press i have

Can some one help me

IIRC @Nicky is doing some pressing? Maybe @Hogmaster as well?

You have to have all of your parameters dialed in to get a good pressing. I chose to do alcohol extraction (Source Turbo) to be able to selectively extract cannabinoids for different uses.

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Yes i was just in the about marijuana catagory under concentrates and Hogmaster has a post on pressing!

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How are you running and what kind of returns are you getting? The handle models don’t get a lot of pressure, which could be your issue.

This handle press is supposed to apply 700 pounds of pressure its what i could afford im not getting anything at all

What temps are you running can you show me or tell me what kind of press I will hopefully be able to help you out and I’m still pressing I’m getting 23% on my return but I even use the stuff I press to make oil to get all I can out of it


Thats my press i tried it on 80 degress Celcius ive tried it on 110 degrees Celsius its all i could afford

80c may not be warm enough, but 110c should be good. Walk me through your process from there please. You’re allowing time for plates to soak and equalize temperature right? What micron bags are you using? How much flower are you pressing each time? How long are you keeping under pressure?

I have the plates touching each other when heating up i use a 90 micron bag when i put it in the press the timer is set to 190 seconds then i press ,im pressing about a gram or two at a time

I had to use a socket that slipped over the handle and a longer extension handle to make the press be able to get pressure good enough. What is the rh of the weed u r pressing that makes a huge difference in pressing and what u get in return. If it is super dry anything under 58rh then u most likely will get very very minimal on the paper. I find when I press the more around 62rh the better the return. Try taking a nice eighter or so in a smaller jar and throw some fresh leaves off a plant in the jar for a few hours and see if it gets the rh up and press that and see if u get anything better. Another thing and I know Nicky’s not gonna wanna see it. U r pressing autos. I get like half the amount of return on an auto vs a photo run. Photos I can get 30 to 40% return on alot of my plants and the autos I’m luck to get 25% try to get the buds rh up to 62 for a day or 2 let the jar get to 65 or 66 with the leaf in there for a bit do t take it out right away give it time for the buds to absorb some of the moisture. Do t freak if u see it say 67 68 rh after a little bit just leave it set for a little while. Hope this helps. Try getting some buds from a rec shop or dispo and press them and u’ll see what I mean about autos vs photos returns. If u press an 8th from the dispo u should get atleast 1 gram in return extract. I press 10 to 14 g in my press at once and if I do 14 g I fill a container in return and I’d say it’s gotta be 5 grams or close to. I’ll weigh the next batch I press and see

Its still around 68-72rh

Once pressing how long do you keep pressure on the bag?

A gram or two may not be enough. 20% returns are considered good. If you’re talking 1-2 tenths of gram that may not even be enough to soak the bag. I also thought of maybe trying a different product to rule out anything with yours.

Pressing is an art
@SilvaBack203 has the same press and we were able to get jims ratted now he’s loving it.

180-220f for flower.
65% is ideal mosture, if it’s more dry it out if it’s less add some.

Once you have your flower in the micron bag place it on your pre heated press, let it sit on there with minimal pressure for about 2-3min for a pre warm. The bag will start to sink in a bit and this is when you can apply more pressure, after about 3min of pressure that should be enough.

When most people start they are pressing for to long and to hot, but with experince you’ll able to reduce your numbers.
The quality of the flower is Really important.

You’ll want to get away from pressing flower and dry sift your material to then press that kief or wash it into bubble hash and press the bubble hash. This creates a much better product and produces those nice big rosin drips everyone shows.


Thank you for the tag my brother. I do love my press and in my journal I shared my journey pressing and how I increased my yield. So far I only pressed flower. I made this video when I got better at pressing and hope it helps you.


Giving all the details, nice job man.
Wish I had the time to do videos and stuff

Thank you sir

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I always seem to end up with very resinous smashed flowers….

I found if I dry sifted the material first using

5 gal micron bags
Few lbs of dry ice
Leather gloves
Large clean surface to dump on

Once stop if you see any hints of green

Should have some blonde and maybe some a bit darker

Bag that, press it around 190 and watch the return come back to you

Don’t need pressure to make that into what your looking for just some heat

totally unfamiliar with pressing. Thanks for the intro. Well done

Thanks guys i will try again and see wat happens

I normally press for a minute 40

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