I'm giving my plants a little extra light

It’s this ok I have about 200 watts of lights just for these two plants to make up the 18/6 cycle until she gets about a foot and a half height

Sure, those lights look like they should work pretty well. If you can, use anything white or reflective to keep most of the light focused towards the plants, otherwise a lot of that light is being wasted.

How about some aluminum paper on the wall??

Sure, that would be fine with fluorescent lights. Foil might create a lens like effect with some LEDs and with HID lights, like a magnifying glass with the sun and can create hot spots and burn your plants, but with fluorescent lights you should be ok, or to be extra safe use the flat side, not the glossy side, it will work like a flat white reflective background. If you think about it, most photography reflectors and movie screens are white, not silver or mirrored.

Wow thanks for the tip that does make sense …:grin::grin::grin::herb::herb::herb::muscle::muscle::muscle:

I’m getting ready to grow 3 plants myself. May I ask how many watts your using in this pic?

Great tip… thanx…

I would fashion some type of reflector over those lamps. :smile:
Look into Panda Plastic.