I'm from a NEO-CON (marijuana hater) state what can I do

I took heavy opitates (80mg in 12 hours when working) for 2 years in terrible pain in my lower back. I knew it would kill me if I continued because I needed more to stop the agonizing pain where the tissue attaches to my spine. Someone showed me how pot could help with the pain because of the CBD. It stops about 50% of the pain when I use the high CBD stuff. The state I come from has a bunch of NEO-CONs running things that think marijuana is the devil’s weed. They did approve CBD, but the cost is ridiculous and no insurance will cover it. No one has ever died from ingesting cannibus, but many have died from opiates. Is there anything we could do to convince our state government that cannabis is much better than opiates.


Your legislators just have to experience it themselves or for family members getting relief, I’m afraid. Little kids with a seizure disorder can help them see the light. But attitudes really change because of personal experiences. I think simply because more and more people, especially elderly people, are finding it helpful, attitudes are changing. Even in “dry” states, they still have sick people, and those people vote.

Maybe the opiate crisis can actually help: Governments usually do the stupid but easy thing, and just make it harder for folks with real debilitating pain to get their meds. But when they figure out that just drives them to heroin, maybe they will realize that MANY addicts have been helped by cannabis.

In your case, there a few strains that make mostly CBD, some thing like 20 times as much as their THC level. I’ve read about people growing one of those, making vape juice, and loading their own vape pen cartridges. The cost savings is enormous!