I'm confused about one thing of the harvesting

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m confused about one thing. Pistils and trichomes are two different things (the tendril looking things and the mushroom looking things respectively). I’ve read some sources that say to harvest when 50% of the tricomes have darkened-up (need a 30x magnifier or higher to see this). Other sources say that it’s the pistils that I should be looking at for this indication (you can see this with the naked eye). Which is it???

I would say a it’s not really just one thing. You need to look at the whole picture when deciding when to harvest. The tricome ripeness, as well as the pistils browning up and receding.

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The loop is for the tricombes
Clear to early
Cloudy thc is at its peak
Amber thc is coverting to cbd more amber more couch lock effect
I personally start watching my tricombes when i have 70-80% of the pistols red or brown

Post a picture and well will help you determine how far off you are
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It’s a combination of both, they are both clues to read about when to find the perfect harvest time. So once the pistils turn brown it’s time to check the trichomes with your scope, where you’re looking for about 10% to 20% amber colored, and mostly cloudy.

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I think i need to take some close ups of my flowering. Grower, but a learner as well. Got to learn from people that know. Some of this is a bit over my head. Harvest for me is more a matter of necessity. Frost is coming. I figure i have @2 months. Ill pull them that night.
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