I'm confused about nutes and the suggested levels

I’m in the midst of my first grow with an White Widow auto from ILGM. She’s in the pre-flowering stage currently, about 5 1/2 weeks in right now. I purchased the fertilizer packs from ILGM and have been using them with this first grow.

The vegetative stage says to feel with NPK ratio of 3:1:1

The growtime fertilizer from ILGM is N19P5K20

And flowering stage should be 0:3:3

And the ILGM flowertime fertilizer:

And Stage 3 plant booster:

I’m getting confused with ratios and info posted on ILGM pages and the ILGM fertilizers. Do I just follow and feed the ILGM fertilizers for each stage of my girl’s life?

Further guidance/suggestions please? Thank you!


Are you following this schedule?


Chitty, yes. I’m just wondering because the ratios that ILGM has on their grow guide pages have ratios mentioned of 3:1:1 and 0:3:3, but those ratios are not matching what ILGM’s ratios are with their fertilizer packages.

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That is confusing. I would follow the guide and not the ratios. But with you growing an auto, i would split those numbers in half to see how your plant reacts.and if she looks like she needs more then gradually increase to the full dose.


Nice looking plants


I’ve been feeding her full doses of nutes and she’s doing good with them. I’ve been slowly moving from the vegetative nutes to the flowering nutes with her being in pre-flower phase right now. She’ll get 1/2 and 1/2 this week and next week will be at 1/4 veg and 3/4 flowering nutes, and the following week I’ll be giving her 100% flowertime fertilizer and add in the Stage 3 plant booster at the recommended weeks 6 & 7.


Thats the amount of each nutrient concentration per feeding. 3-1-1 for example is
Nitrogen- Phosphorus-Potassium, 3-1-1. Id this helps.


ChittyChittyBangin has you covered. I too was extremely confused on their nutes when i grew my WW. I ended up doing exactly as he mentioned and slowly increased the does over a few weeks after seeing how she reacted to them. Still use them for my other 2 girls and they seem to like it imo.


Mind if I butt in on your conversation bc I’m confused too lol. I haven’t used any of the ilgm fert. packs. before. I’ve used living soil to do my grows and honestly all my grows have been very low yielding.
This time I am trying to grow some purple punch autos in the ocean forest in bottom and happy frog on top of 5 ga cloth pots . But I have the happy frog in the Dixie cup with the seedlings, with my plants that are only 2 1/2" tall at this point (2.5 wks old). I was told that you don’t need any added nutes for the first six weeks when using happy frog. But then I buy the ilgm nutrient pack that starts at the seedling stage??? Was I supposed to start using those nutes?
And also, the leaves are yellow in the plant. It could be that I’m watering too much. I normally leave the top dome on longer but it was touching the sides already so I took it off so I’m going I was overwatering.

Thanks I’m advance.

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I also grow living soil. Question. What light are you using ? Were you growing autos to start? You need at least 150 to 200watts per plant to help with yield. As far as the soil you are trying now. Ive never used FoxFarm soil. What i can tell you is that you might have a little overwatering going on, plus might be a little.hot on the nutrients. Autos are finiky when it comes to nutes. Some just nibble while others gorge. In a 5 gallon pot, you should have enough for 30 to 45 days. Whatever stage you are at is where you would pick up on the bergmans feeding schedule. BUT big BUT, read the plant, if she looks healthy at 30 days just keep watering. Only when she starts looking hungry do you atart feeding. This is different then what you are used to.

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I now have 2 Vibraspectra XS2000’s. Just got a second foot this grow and the new one is upgraded a little but I think both are 220w.

This was the set up when I first dropped seedlings in to the Dixie cups with the Happy frog soil. You can see the difference in the lights.

Yes on growing autos before. LSDs, trying the Purple Punch this time and hoping for a miracle but so far everything from the start has been bad. One seed out of four germinated and I’ve never had a problem with germination, well I mean occasionally but not like this. And the one plant that’s still going looks weak and has the yellow leaves. Like I said I probably over watered but it’s just not starting off too well. Two other seeds that did germinate died, one was lsd and another was the purple punch. Something is way wrong somewhere.
I’ve been unhealthy the last couple of years. I guess whatever is poisoning me is killing my plants too lol. :flushed:

@duhneese let that solo cup dry out and transplant that plant water it like the picture to establish a root system make sure you are PH your water