I'm concerned...pollination maybe?

Attaching pics of my fems, thinking they got pollinated. Any help would be great. I am a newb and dont have a problem admitting it lol.

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kinda looks like a mutated male

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That crossed my mind also, but some of them have pistols, and they dont look at all like pollen sacs on a Male. I thought maybe it was an early stage of bud.


I think you may have a hermie…

This looks suspiciously like a seed not a calyx but then this one
Looks like a swollen calyx with pistols emerging :no_mouth:

Lets tag in some pros :wink:
@garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @MattyBear any ideas??

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Thank u soo much, this was bag seed that I had, and planted four, 2 came up Male, other two is what ur looking at.

Thats ok no worries, i am by no means a pro but iv seen afew nanners :slight_smile:

So you say 2 were male? Did the polinate? That stuff can travel miles…if the 2 your showing were anywhere near then its possibly a hermie :see_no_evil:
Dont worry someone will give you a difinitive answer shortly :slight_smile:

P.s welcome to the forum

I agree with @Wildwest on the first photo looking suspicious. The second is just calyces that are swollen. Either way, both appear to be lacking in light intensity because whispy airy buds are usually due to light and environment :v:

Yes doesn’t look far enough in flower to have been pollinated in my opinion it looks weird tho like some parts of the plant are male and some are female

I’m no pro, but I don’t see any sign of male.
Here is a male…

Sorry, @MattyBear I buried him in the compost pile. I really do wish I could’ve collected pollen to send you, but I can’t let them live.

I’ll try to find more male seeds from you. I may actually have a Sour Diesel male, but I’m not positive.


I know @FloridaSon I saw that and it broke my heart! Lol just kidding. Bury that dickhead. Catch me some pollen some other time :wink:

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So I made it back out yesterday and looked at my girls, and I believe they are girlie girls. No Male. The calyces have opened and are starting to spread out. Will attach pic when I get home.


At this point would it be too late to move one of them to a spot that got more hours of sun?

If you’re in a pot, I’d say go for it!

The plant in the first pic has since died, very spontaneous and weird, just went out one day and it was wilted, next day twas a goner.
But the one that ole buddy circled up there, with the pistols, has a bunch of the same calyxs, sugar leaves, but hasn’t opened up yet. It may be a hermie, but I’m gone let it go cause it’s my last survivor. I’ll send a pic when I get home from work.