I'm building a greenhouse

Has anybody built a greenhouse? I’ve got 7 ten foot 1/2" pvc and four connectors the eighth piece is a tad short(I’ll figure that part later. Hopefully ten feet isn’t going to be too wobbly. Somebody was giving the pieces away so can’t really buy anymore although I have four or five shorter pieces for side support. The plastic was an issue I was thinking buy some 4-6 mm plastic sheeting from Walmart but it may be too thin. Maybe clear shower curtains would work. I was thinking of burying a length of pvc and have the 1/2" go into it for a secure hold but I may want to move it so might have to go with a bottom frame. Plants will be planted in ground inside. I feel they grow better away from heavy rain and a 120lb dog and two cats etc will show you what’s up wish it was 1" pipe but as my ma used to say beggars can’t be choosers. Ps ma kinda mean lmao

Found my plastic sheet I bought last year. Plastic sheet was bull sheet. About an arms length of thin plastic. Oh well time to pull out the wallet and go buy some

I built on of these years ago
Add 3 spars one each side and one at the top and they can handly more wind
Wind is the main enemy of hoop houses.
I drove meter long lengths of rebar rod into the ground and slipped the pvc pipes over that to hold it in place


I got some 1/2" wonder if that’s too thin. I went to lowes and got 2 10’ pieces of one inch for like $8. Plan was to drill three 1/2" holes in each and bend the thinner pipe into the holes and then secure the two 1" pipes together somehow rope/cable whatever. Want it to look decent and be sturdy ,but be able to dismantle it in 30 seconds. May have open air parts to let in the bees. It’s mainly to keep rain and critters out. Got cheap plastic Paint drop cloth The thicker plastic was in big rolls for $25 and up. Oh well it’ll give me something to do I’m getting bored working on this time machine.

look up brownguy420 on youtube he has one built in his latest video

Here is a link
click here

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My hole drill attachment was a bit too big so used dremel to make holes to fit smaller holes in. Fit and tied the ground pieces together for now. Think with some side supports and top connector will be ok

Using free 1/2" pipes. Kinda flimsy but will try it out. Got about 10 things going on at once. I know everyone is eagerly anticipating this build. Was out there a bit ago but got distracted recording the sound of pvc being dropped into a bucket.

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I give up. Too flimsy. Think I’m gonna see what I can buy for $100

Fall is coming on. Chill out and watch the classifieds, and yard sale pages on Facebook. People will be practically giving that kinda stuff away. Those stupid shade things they sell at Lowe’s that look like you started a shed and ran outta money would work perfectly. Seems alot of people buy them and figure out just how stupid they look later.

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Yeah it all started with 1/2" pvc I got for free Too flimsy I guess wanted to build a geodesic dome one but lots of pieces. I also wanted to use it for my worms and I like to stand in the yard lol

I like standing in the yard too. My wife can’t figure it out

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Got a potting table free off craigslist. I kinda stand there and look at my compost pile lol. I’m sure I look like a guy just kinda staring off in space. Got some of my tools on table thing. With a green house I could stand in the rain.

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I have a breezeway between my house and garage I get under when it rains. That is the feature that sold me on buying this house.

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I’m renting. I hate moving so I’ve been here awhile. Lol. Prices here are ridiculous. Pretty private I guess so that’s good. Came here from Raleigh and there folks m ow what you’re eating for Dinner

I’m thinking of selling and moving more rural. Somewhere close to my mom, she’s 67 now and lives alone. Would take some stress off knowing I’m close to her if she needs anything, and would also open grow options.

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Somebody was saying to keep transplanting reg fems so roots don’t just go straight down. Might have been u idk This too small? Trying to get something smaller than go to one gal smart pot. Can’t find any tiny pots that aren’t hydro net pots. Figured that would fudge my roots.

And you can get some of those cookies. I know what’s up

I’ve read that, but wasn’t me that said it. I try not to transplant more than I have to. If I’m growing in 5 gallon, I go from seedling pot to final pot.

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I put my auto germed seed straight in the dang final pot lol I heard don’t transplant autos. Then I hear yeah it’s ok. After this grow I wanna check out my roots. Last grow roots weren’t all spread out like if like but I used a plastic nursery pot. I’ll see if pic is still on phone of NL auto roots this next grow is reg fem ss haze I need to figure what I wanna start in. Seeds are popped