I'm back to trying an indoor grow

Thanks for the tag ! I don’t check numbers on seedlings. Your seedlings look fine Give them time to throw down some roots and you’ll see the foliage. I’m pretty cautious to not overwater my seedlings. Good luck :+1:

@PurpNGold74 I’m not running ff it’s just a generic organic soil from Walmart lol.

@kellydans yea I’ve just been watering with a medical syringe for baby Tylenol the first week I don’t go above like 10 mil of just water second week I usually up the water to the cap of a baby bottle gotta keep it creative lol


Hahaha. Stoner ingenuity! Love it

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@PurpNGold74 its great for wen they don’t need a lot of water and you can be super precise so it works 10/10 would recommend to everyone lol


I wish that I could be more help, my brother but, I don’t chase numbers :v:t4: