I'm back , please don't change my statis

Just wanted to ask the moderators not to change anything on my status I was here months months months ago enjoying the website and was trying to help people out and gain information for myself and you guys bumped me up to a better status but in doing so it changed my password and screwed everything up and I’ve been fighting to get back on this website ever since so just keep me at the bottom as long as I can communicate and share knowledge that’s all I’m really here for thanks guys


Welcome back! I’ve only been on few months but love it. I’ll try and like your posts to keep you active. Lol

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I’ll pass this on to Latewood its really up to him.
And ya glad you mad it back.


Thanks guys I’m feeling the love … just like I never left… :sunglasses:


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Right on brother. I’ll see you later in the forum


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