I'm Back. LOL Light question?

Hi Girls and Boys,
My White Widow Auto’s are just 3 days into week 7 and showing signs of starting to flower.
I am currently running my light 18/6.
Should I reduce the light amount to 12/12 to speed things along?
Thanks for your thoughts,

@JollyRoger if they’re photo period plants, you need 12/12 to induce flowering. You’re probably seeing the preflowers. That’s all they’ll do until switch the lights.
Autoflowers will flower on their own no matter the light schedule.

I drop my light to 12/12 once I see flowers on autos. I got a white widow auto going right now


Everyone has a different light schedule with autos. …I run mine 12 12 from seed in 5 galon pots with 2 x 400 watt hps very light feedings lIke 1 time a week if that!..they seem to love it, here is a NL auto yielded 8.5oz cured and a super skunk can’t remember exactly but 7 to 8 Oz cured! Best of luck20190214_213718|690x387

Definitely tough one…
I am also 3 days into week 7 with 4 auto flowers and noticing white pistils starting to grow. Been running 18/6 since the beginning.
Was thinking of just leaving it but those are some nice buds in the pictures… :hushed: