I'm back and trying again! :-)

Had small success with my last grow even though I was unable to be on here to show you all. Thanks to all who helped me in the past. My girls survived and I was unsuccessful in cloning them but I did get the same two plants to harvest twice! Starting a new grow planted 4 bag seeds in peat pellets and one grew. Shes still small. Just started getting her first leaves. Glad to be back on the site and pictures along with a support ticket and details will be posted soon.


I love that plants can be revegged for another harvest, saved some keeper genetics for me many times. Now I just clone every girl that I flower, if it’s a keeper than I already have a clone.

Hope your one plant is a “she”.

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I hope it is as well. Lol. If not, I have many more seeds. Keep them all and some grow some dont. Lol.

Welcome back!

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Support ticket:

If your night temps are really 35f you’ll need to address that ASAP as it won’t thrive and maybe won’t survive.
What soil is in the peat pot? And are you feeding her anything yet?
Humidity is too low also. If you have a piece of Tupperware or some waste plastic container to put over the peat pot to help maintain higher humidity that too will help.
Temps at night crazy low

Yeah, 35F is not gonna work. Is that with lights on? If not, can you run the lights during the coldest part or go 24/0 with lights?

Can you steal a space heater?

Love the replies! So, idr where do I want humidity to be and how low can the night time temps be? I didnt know I could still run her 24/0 at 19/5 at the moment. Night time temps when she was on 24hr light was 40-50. It doesn’t always get that cold at night here but wud it hurt to run the lights 24 on the days itll b cold and 19 the rest?

@Skydiver @Hellraiser , is 50F at night ok? The soil is biobizz, perlite, lime, fish emulsion, bat guano, worm castings and coco coir. Not feeding any nutes. Where do I want my humidity at? Changed the setup a lil bit. Pictures of how everything is set up now will be up soon

A good read here:

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Thanks for that. I’ll check it out right now.

I’m not sure as I’ve never had my temps indoors below about 65f at night.
Temps are directly related to how much humidity you’ll want and also at what growth stage you are in.
Another concern is the day/night temperature swings from 85f to 35f and even 50f is drastic…35f to 50f temp swing is hard on them.
Are you able to hook up a small heater to help maintain the spaces temps?
Looking for a chart someone else posted the other day that explained things better relating to temps and humidity and stage of growth.
When I find it I’ll post

As far as lights on you can set for 24/0 or also consider changing your lighting schedule so that they are on when it’s the coldest as the lights will help with temps. When they are this young you’ll want to maintain at least 18/6 throughout vegetative stage. Once you go to initiate flower with 12/12 you’ll want to keep that schedule until harvest. The reduced light on time may also affect your temp swings too.
My understanding is that plants like us need down time to sleep so when I do do 24/0 it’s usually when they are seedlings and I need to help maintain temps but again higher temps need higher RH so if 80f in seedling stage need RH to be about 80% also give or take 5%
At 50f about 50% but again to me that temp is very low for them to thrive but like I said I don’t have experience with that low temps and the huge swings between day and night.
This chart I use to determine temps to RH and basically the stages of growth determine what range…
Seedlings .04-.08
Early & Middle veg .08-1.2
Flowering 1.2-1.6

If I find the other chart I’ll post it as it is easier to see for newer growers.
This temp and humidity thing is called VPD or vapor pressure deficit and there are many things posted here and on the web that you can search and look up and read about it.

Hope this helps answer some questions and hope it creates more questions as that’s what it’s all about!

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Okay. Well, I’m at the store now so getting a few things to help with temps.

Cut the plastic diffuser off those Led bulbs, it will give you more light.

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Pictures of the new setup. Humidity is still low 35-50% temps are now 80F day and 69F at night. Might be able to get daytime temp closer to 75.

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Here is another VPD chart that you can reference showing the proper ranges for the different stages of growth.

So, this is the new setup for her. I got a heater n a humidifier in there with her and I just put in a new thermometer that also tells humidity digitally so itll be easy for me to read. The day time temps run between 69-75F n at night 59-64F humidity is approx. 40%-70% night and day. She doesn’t look as good in the pics as she did earlier as I dropped the thermometer on her so she should bounce back and look a little better. Those two leaves toward the bottom been goners though I’m pretty sure. I’m hoping that now that things are pretty much where they should be shell start to pick up in the upcoming weeks