I'm at day 35 and everything looking good


What day do I flush if I’m not mistaken a flyer for 8 weeks right I think I’m starting my 6 week now


@burger77 you should start to flush based on known flowering times. You said 8 weeks, some go longer, some go shorter. Trichomes are the best indicators. Best seen by a jewelers loupe, or microscope. You’ll want to see some clear with mostly milky trichomes. Then you can begin the flush.


Need pics… :wink:



Hey there @burger77 I agree with @Covertgrower, just something else I do when my lady’s get to full flowering is if they say 70 day’s and I’m checking my Trichomes every day at this stage if they are not even 1 amber I would keep going until I do and then I flush but please this is something I have gotten used to @burger77 it’s just my opinion to help you alone I hope :v:️.


Thanks @Johnzy81 out of likes…


No likes left @Covertgrower thank you for all you are doing for us all mate :v:️.


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May 4

Need pics… :wink:


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Led pics are always hard to tell… but they look like you still have a couple weeks to go… I think you would be fine to start flushing within the next week…