I'm at a loss.. please help

Would that remove any mold without removing the crystals at the same time or diluting them? I’m curious so I’ll have to remember if that happens.

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I keep a little bottle here all the time now. It smells so nice as well. The washing up liquid is purely there to allow the oil and water to mix :sunglasses:. I can’t take any credit for this as I found it online but hey it works fine

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Do a quick search on YouTube on washing buds. It is supposed to help with numerous issues.


Thank you but its definitely hard not to be hard on yourself… Its just really frustrating. I wasn’t able to take a better picture before it got dark. My husband tested positive for COVID today, I go tomorrow. So I will have plenty of home time to figure out what works the best. I ordered peppermint oil today. I’m a nurse so I can’t go back to work until I get my test results back . Guess I’ll have to figure this out w/o my dad by my side lol Y’all have been amazing, thanks to everyone for all the advice. I’ll definitely keep y’all updated. The other ones that are drying in a different area look great no issues…
Again a huge thank you!


Sounds like you are getting it hard right now. We’re all rooting for you. Hope everything goes the way you need it to go regarding Covid. We’re all here if you need to chat. Take care and stay safe :sunglasses:


Try this if they r still in ground. Mix this up and soak it down good under o er whatever inbetween. Soak it let it sit a few minutes hose it off real good with hose. If not a good breeze thru that area set fans blowing on them to help dry them up some quicker. And if there is any wpm anywhere that will be taken care of also. Good luck.

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Unfortunately they are already hanging. :woman_facepalming:

Aww dang.

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I wonder if I should go ahead and harvest this plant. Something is consuming the leaves. It’s a high Indica Carmagnola or Critical Mass. Not sure which. What do you think?

@Sharky Probably white flys early stages or you got caterpillars. Check the undersides of those leaves. Plant therapy by lost coast is what you want for white fly’s and mites etc. It’s organic and safe up to last day of flower. If they aren’t eating the buds let it go till it’s finished. From the looks you’re close to harvest.

Thanks Kevfrmthestl. This is my first grow. Only 4 plants. I haven’t seen caterpillars, but will look for it. Would Neem oil be of help? I have some of that.

No neem oil in flower. Figure out what’s eating it first. Check those leaves religiously if you can you’ll catch whatever it is then go from there.

Good advice. Thanks!

Early am best time to find the culprit.

@Kevfrmthestl how is neem oil bad to use after flowering? Will it cause a bad taste for smoking? What about for using in edibles?

You will taste it. It’s not a good taste.