I'm assuming this is bud rot damage

It’s on an outdoor plant that was never rained upon or watered from above. I do cover it every night.
Unless it’s just from natural humidity, there’s one circumstance that might have lead to this condition.
One morning , about 3/4 day’s ago, I found slug slime and a few leaves partially eaten. Perhaps the slime left behind on this bud caused the rot. Thankfully, it’s only one bud as far as I can see. I never found the slug.
Any confirmation would be appreciated. Not quite ready for harvest.



Definitely something bad looks like bud rot to me… more than likely there will be more of it have to be surgical in removing any effected bud spores spread like crazy


Yes, sir. That is bud rot.

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Check for any odd yellowed leaf in a bud and give it a gentle tug
If it comes off easily then inspect at the stem.
That’s where it starts.


Hey. Sorry to hear this. I ran into the same kind of rot on beautiful buds like yours. Turned out to be a worm for me. Mine really like the sugary condition I assume. Once I pulled it out and removeD the surrounding rot she came back to norm. I had to cut a good amount out in a few place and remove some other worms. Gross little suckers! lm really monitoring everything close for worms. Go luck!

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Thanks guys,
Unfortunately as you can see, the vast majority of plant is yellow at this point. I’ll remember the tip though.
Below are some images of the surrounding buds and the geographic spot where the rotten bud was excised from. As you can see there’s still some time before harvest How I would love to chop and wash everything now.
I check her several times a day. Can it develop that quickly? I can’t believe I missed it.

Hera’s a reference shot. I was able to get some brown residue off the nearby stem with some peroxide and water. The bud’s cut stem is bottom center. The adjacent buds seem OK but every time i see a few brown pistils together, I cringe for a moment.

and some close-ups of the nearby buds:

Photo on 9-27-20 at 8.20 AM

Photo on 9-30-20 at 2.33 PM

Photo on 9-30-20 at 2.38 PM

Photo on 9-30-20 at 2.43 PM

I wish there were several amber trichomes within these images but she seems to be taking longer than last years grow. Mentally I ready to harvest.
Thanks for listening…elliot


@elliot. I just came in from mine after removing a bunch of rotted nugs.
My weather is not going to cooperate and I’m not going to get to finish her out.
Another early harvest
Believe me when I say I feel your pain. :man_facepalming:
And yes. It can spread that quickly.
There wasn’t any on mine 2 days ago.
Good luck with your girl but plan on harvesting very soon.

You are correct. Falling apart fast. Gotta do want you gotta due. Save the girls first! Good luck.

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