I'm a first time grower. I have questions

Hello. I just joined the forum. I want to start growing and I think I have almost everything I need. I have lots of questions so please bear with me. I have tried looking for the answers to my questions before posting here but I’m not getting very far. I have a 30 inch tall grow box from Hello Grower with LED lights and a small hydroponic set up. I have small rockwool cubes and clay pebbles. I have Strawberry cough seeds from ILGM. I have nutrients from General Hydroponics, a pH control kit from General Hydroponics & a pH meter. I plan to get a hydrometer and a carbon dioxide monitor. I realize I am going to try to grow a sativa strain in a small box. I’m willing to deal with that. I have basic questions I want to ask before I germinate. First question, how do I control temperature? Second, how do I control carbon dioxide? I have no experience at all doing this so please treat me as such. Any insight is appreciated. Thank You.

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Hello, and welcome!

  1. This depends on the environment of the room outside the box.

  2. Ambient atmospheric CO2 is sufficient for your setup; the box has a fan that exhausts stale air and pulls in fresh air.

  3. A naturally shorter plant would be better. You’ll have your work cut out for you.

Thank You

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How do I control humidity?

Humidifier or dehumidifier which ever is needed. You may be ok with a fan which you need anyway for air circulation. Depends on room humidity.

@dbrn32 mention to me about a small box grow

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The box is very small, 15 inches wide, 15 inches long, 30 inches tall. I set the humidity the way I need it to be in the room where the box is?

Yes. Get a hygrometer if you dont have one to keep an eye on the humidity. You’ll only be able to grow one very small plant fyi.

What’s your ambient humidity going to be like?

We tend to worry about humidity in order to optimize growth; you actually want to stunt growth a bit.

I wish I knew much more about bonsai cannabis. I’d look into it.

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Well, if humidity for seedlings should be at 65-70% and if I want to stunt the growth then should I try for a little less humidity? I can easily control this, the room I’ll be growing in is pretty stable as far as temp and humidity go. I already have a humidifier and a dehumidifier is no problem, I have a little money to spend.

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Seedlings are easy because you can just place them in a domed tray. You actually want closer to 85% humidity for seedlings.

Welcome to ILGM forum.
In my tent I have an exhaust fan and an intake fan. The exhaust draws out the hot air while my cold air intake breathes fresh air into the grow room. I use temperature/humidity controller which kick on when it hits predetermined target temp/humidity. It goes off roughly every two mins to keep the tent in the range I desire. I also have two 6 inch hurricanes for air movement and an additional fan for when the plants get larger. I also have a humidifier hooked up to kick on and off to keep it in range I need. Other than that its water and feed. Sativia’s like to get tall so I highly recommend topping the plant at the 3rd node and lst (low stress train) up into 3rd week of flower to try to keep canopy low and flat.

Any chance you can return that grow chamber? I’m assuming you have space for a larger unit, but selected a small cabinet for cost

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I think I can return it, it hasn’t been 30 days yet. I chose it so I don’t have to build anything and because it’s stealthy and it shuts really tight but I’m open to suggestions. I did rush the decision but yes, I do have space.


If you can get a taller tent it would be beneficial. I started with a 3x3 bit my topped white widows still got taller I had to get a 4x4 tent with 7 ft in height. My worry withthe sativa would be a height issue. Grow into your lights.

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I just think you could get a 2x2x6-7’ tent for less than $80, and a light to cover that would be less than $200. Headroom is invaluable.

I’d try to get a 2x4 or 3x3 if you can afford it. More footprint can be nice. 2x2 tents can be a bit tight, especially with more than one plant.

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Your grow box is really too small, as you already know!

The right size exhaust fan will take care of heat.

Unless you are maxing out on light you will get by on what is in the air already! Usually CO2 enrichment is only used in larger grows with overkill lighting.
Welcome to ILGM forum if you need to get some ones attention put an@ sign in front of their handle like this @Crimson

Never built it. Looks like everyone is pitching in good information though.


I’m going back to the drawing board, will ask to return the box and go with something taller.

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I have 4 plants in a 3x3x6 tent. It was awesome at first but now that the girls are a week into flower I am running out of room fast. I kinda did the same as you… ordered a bunch of stuff and then joined up here. There is a ton of good knowledge here and some super helpful folks. Some I know have already chimed in. Welcome to the club. Holler at me and I will be more than happy to help if I can.