Im a beginner grower

I started my seeds off inside around the end of march and put them out at the end of april in flower pots and then transplanted them into the ground. I have never topped them and my question is, would it be to late to top them and where do i top them at?

I don’t know anything about topping but they look nice

Thanks lol

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This is my first grow looks like I’m on the right foot

What strain r your girls

I honestly dont know what strain they are they were just a mixed variety that i have had for awhile so i dont know what batch that any of them came from or if they came from the same batches lol i guess im not very organized the one with the milk jug and the one all the way to the right on the group smell the best and look the best so far the littlest one smells pretty strong too tho idk if that means anything the one all the way to the left doesnt have a very strong smell yet or it could be just be that the others are over powering it btw how old are yours and how often do you top them im trying to figure out how and when i should top mine i havent topped them yet i think im going to in a day or two i just dont know how much or how often

Also how long did it take for yours to take to start budding cause mine have been out since early april and i put them in the ground in mid april i know they will take longer to grow where i have them cause they arent in the open sun they have good sun just not great sun they are shaded by some trees but there gonna grow cause theres all kinds of vegetation and its a weed so it dont take a whole lot for it to grow

Well the two that are budding are an Autoflower strain and the rest are a white widow strain and there not budding

Do u know the sex of your plant male or female

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No i wont know till they start budding they havent started budding yet ive only had them out for like 2 months to well their actually about 3 months old but they have only been outside for 2 i think i started them in mid march it might have been eatly april tho idk for sure i cant really remember i know they arent no older then 3 months and i put them outside in mid april and about a week or two after i out them outside in their pots i transplanted them into the ground with potting soil and covered then with dirt

@Jeremy78nky, you have an outdoor grow so your plants will follow mother nature.
When then sun hits its pick June 21st the longest day the days will get shorty and shorty that’s when you will see a big change in your grow .


@garrigan62 so is that when they will start budding? I havent topped them should i top them now or does it matter?

You can and yes that’s when they will start to flower.


To top them just clip out the top newest leaves before they open, just below the leaf ball. There are a few threads on it here. When the daylight gets to about 12 hours of sun per day they will flower.

Thanks thats what i was waiting to here i tried to look thru a couple treads but didnt see anything about it but i thought thats how you done it i worked in tobacoo all my life so i figured it would have to be similar to that i just aint never grown pot before