Im a beginner and dont understand about flowering. can someone explain why you flower and why use auto flower vs reg fem seeds?



im a beginner and dont understand about flowering. can someone explain why you flower and why use auto flower vs reg fem seeds?


Flowering is when the real magic happens . This is the time your plant will bud and build up all the yummy part of your grow . On a feminized plant you will have to choose when to put them into flowering cycle by adjusting the amount of time you have them in the light flowering is usually 12 on 12 off for lighting . Auto flowers go into flowering on a genetic time frame and will start flowering on thier own when the plant gets to a point it is mature enough without any change in lighting schedule. Hope this helps


Well put Oldstoner :+1:


Thanks I think I might have plagiarized @yoshi when I asked the same question on my first grow.


thanks for the answer I kind of figured part of it but didn’t get fem vs auto flower. I have another question. why have 3 diff sizes of containers? I may understand the first one but cant you just put that in your main container? I was planning on using 5 gal buckets. thanks for any insight. I haven’t gotten my seeds yet and ordered the kit. I want to be ready when they come and have a plan.


Please download the grow Bible and investigate this forum for all kinds of information where everything that you’ve asked for has been spoken about…:slight_smile:



I only use two sizes and personally I do it because it is much easier to control the watering in a small container and over watering is easier in larger pots . But I am new to this it is only a month into my 2nd grow . I do know that several of the guys start right in the same pot it is going to stay in and never do transplant .

I do mine like this so when it is time to transplant all I do is lift the smaller pot out remove the plant and put it rite back in the hole


There is nothing wrong with root training and that’s basically what you are doing…



It is basically the same thing as training your plants above ground except you’re doing it below ground … you must understand that you can control all aspects of life during plant growth , to perform the way you want it to… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



Just trying to get my scrog started now . The girls are just starting to tickle the bottom of the wire now. This grow I used Azos and Mykos in the soil before germination and Mammoth P with a small amount of food for the microbes and the roots are growing much faster and bigger but they are a different strain so I am not sure which is the reason.


Well what you have to understand is because you’re giving them a bunch of microbes your plants actually use less nutrients because they’re able to utilize what they have in the soil and grow big and healthy so you might come to realize that you need less nutrients if you’re using more microbes and vice versa if you use less microbes you end up using more nutrients it’s a weird relationship but that’s how it works…



Your plants are looking very good but as you will come to know you will want a 8 inch grid in your first scrog and then a 4 inch net in your 2 nd scrogg… trying to deal with those little squares right from the get-go is going to be crazy and very time consuming and will make you angry …this you will come to know…lol


Im just starting to learn about feeding less and more naturally through a healthy microhaseal field I think is what he calls it . This grow I am using Nectar for the Gods this grow and have not started feeding yet . Trying to wait and let them use up the FFOF nutrients first.


You are definitely on the right track …as for me I just started Hydro after seven years of soil so it’s all new again and I’m trying to figure it out , but I’m still having a good time and everything looks really good as of yet… so summer comes and I shall see…



Should I clip the center wires out of in between Every other one to open them up ? Cause I got no problem clipping that up . It is just a divider for a large dog crate and my Sheppard takes up the whole crate.


If I was you I would probably do just like you said and clipped them out to at least give 4 inch squares because they’re going to go crazy the more you tie them down the angrier they get and the more they grow… it’s really weird but yeah that’s what you have to learn in growing MJ is you must be able to fight and argue with them and still win the battle but yet not make them go crazy and freak out on you and go male… ( ie ) hermi…



Yeah I keep hearing how much people love growing in hydro but I am going to stick with soil for a while . Hydro intimidates me a bit plus I like being able to not have to check on or bother the girls for 2 or 3 days at a time . I go smoke a little and stare at them daily though lol .


I will not encourage you to do anything other than what you feel comfortable with but at the same time I was like you for 7 years and very scared and then I dove in head-first not giving a care in the world and did everything they told me not to do just to make sure I could do it , before I did it and you know what …it’s amaziing is all I can really say… at some point you will want to know what that word means , and you will make the leap when you decide to do that… give me a ring and I will see what I can do to help you , until then keep it green and much love …



@fwn54, Lets go back a little to your original question.

It is true, most people don’t realize that the bud is actually a flower. It is the fruit on the vine, so to speak. Most plants only fruit during certain times of the year, and the time of the year is determined by plants, by how long the nights are. Nights are longer in the winter than the summer.

Some plants flower and fruit during the spring/summer, and some plants do it in the fall/winter.

Normal cannabis flowers in the fall/winter.

As far as feminised, auto and regular is concerned, actually feminised seeds, are just that, they are regular photoperiod seeds that were bred to be only female, autoflowers are also feminised to be only female. Regular seeds are also regular photoperiod but have about an equal chance to be male or female and males produce only pollen flowers that do not produce smokable fruit. Well at least not anywhere as good as female buds. Males have less THC and their flowers don’t bunch up to create a “nugget” like female flowers do.

Photoperiod just means they need that change in the light vs. dark to flower.

The reason people use a couple to a few different size containers as they grow, is actually for better root development, mostly.

If you plant in a big container from the start, mostly the tap root (main center root) goes straight down to the bottom of the container and doesn’t use much of the soil at the sides higher up in the container.

If you use different sizes incrementally, Then when the root hits the bottom of the shallow container, it sends roots sideways as well, developing the “root ball”., maybe even almost becoming root bound and using/spreading its roots into most of the available soil, then putting it in a bigger container, it will already have lots of side roots and it will more effectively use/spread its roots to the sides of the container.

You can start and finish in only one large container, but it is generally considered a waste of soil as much of the soil will never be used by the roots.

Hope this helps,