Im 6 weeks in veg and I switched over to flower 12/12 on 9/13/18

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Im 6 weeks in veg and I switched over to flower 12/12 on 9/13/18. How long before I can sex my plants and also once that sexting is done can I switch back to vege. Thank you.

Ladies should show two tiny white hairs on seed pod at base of stems where they join the main stalk. A bright flashlite will make them easy to see with the room lights off.

Watch n check at least twice daily…to identify and remove males. Males usually show first.
Multiple ding berries at the same location…the males will take 3+ days to mature and burst open. When that happens…millions of tiny yellow male pollen will fill the tent/room. If you want a 5 gallon bucket full of seeds…let the males pollen loose.

IF you want sensimillia…weed(yes, intended pun) out the males as soon as they show dingle berries.

While switching back to veg is possible…really messes with the natural life cycle of the plant.
If you want a Mother plant, take several cuttings for each plant…label them and put the clones under 12/12 lite. They will show sex after two weeks.
If you want the plants to mature more…keep on more than 12/12 schedule. They will stay in veg …UNTIL…12/12 schedule starts…**UNLESS, they are autos. In which case they will go into flower without any help or change in the light schedule.

Good luck

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