I want to buy seeds from ilovegrowingmarijuana but I feel like it’s a scam I’m in the United States and I’m looking for someone who has bought seeds. From them and gotten their seeds just lmk if I can trust them

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I haven’t yet, but this will be the first place i would buy them. I have been on these forums for 6 months or so. My plants would be dead of it Wasn’t for these guys on here…

This my second grow ordered this time last yr first order damaged by customs sent pic into support resent order no problem this yr placed order received all in tact no issues at all…this is where you want to order from only site I know that will resend until u get your order all other site if you don’t get your seeds your SOL…go ahead and place your order grow season has started

Thank you guys so much I’m only 15 but I smoke almost every other week when I get money for bud but I just had an idea to buy seeds so I’d get a lot a lot of bud and won’t have to pay a lot but I need to make like 5 more dollars lol I got 30$ rn but i need 35$ I’m going to order from them soon and I’ll tell you guys how it goes

Bought seeds here, first ones didn’t make it, they sent the next one’s right away and they got here in 11 days. Haven’t grown any of their seed yet but just look around here, they look pretty damn good to me. Good luck

If this is your first grow use some of those bagseeds to get your learning going takes a lot of practice and patience use those bagseeds and when your order comes in you will be ready and download the grow bible…very helpful

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Ilgm is very trustworthy when buying merchandise from them

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I’m from Michigan and i order from their, I order 12/15/15 and got them 12/29/15. Their produce very healthy plants, very please and I will order from their again .

You have come to the right place
They will go way out there way to make sure you get your order.
I have been ordering my seeds from them for two years now going on 3.
Snd I live in the Ststes.
So go ahead and place your order. You won’t regret it.


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Place the order got mine in two weeks all the way to ny

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They are awesome! Got mine in 9 days! They are all I will recommend!!!

Great customer service and people on here. I got 8 seeds and only 2 germinated. I should of practiced on bagseed like Iceberg said to do. Too me germination is the hardest part and I think you need a very steady temperature like 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit to get them to germinate IMO. I’m 4 for 5 on some at least 1 year old homegrown or bagseed. Patience is a key too and I lack it.

Pearl get a propagation mat, you can start seeds, clone or anything in between and there’s a bunch of choices out there that are pretty affordable

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Thanks Par.