Illness or end of life?

Is she telling me it’s time or something happening at the last minute here. Leves are starting to droop a bit top leves drying at tips, leif wrapping around buds. Yellowing at top as well.

Last picture shows she and “room mate”
Forgot they are 4th day into the 9th week of flowering.

She’s telling you that she’s getting ready to harvest. She’s eating herself which is a good thing.

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Damn… didn’t know I’d get a show too! Lmao

Sorry I’m kinda sick. Anyway do u think they are ready for the two day of darkness then … … can’t say it but u know what I mean…

Have you been checking the trichomes? If you post a pic of them maybe I can give you an answer on that.

2 min old picts

Hope these help.

U need some kind of scope to check. Phone zoom wont be enough.

She looks very close, but those aren’t trichomes. Sorry, you need a magnifying scope to be able to see them and when they turn an amber color it means it’s ready for harvest.

This is what you’re looking for:

And this is what you need to be able to view and take pictures of them:

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@raustin has you covered here my friend…1

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