I'll have to wait

Anyway I got some seeds mixed up, anyway to tell what this is20190805_130603 Bruce Banner or Bergman’s gold


I vote gold leaf, looks identical to what mine did at that size.

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If you mixed them up, the only thing you’ll be able figure out which is which, is if one is more sativa dominant. Both being hybrids, you might not be able to tell.


don’t beat yourself up over it. i am second guessing myself that i may have accidently pulled a switcharoo during transplant.

pretty sure this is holygrail kush

and this is grandaddy purple

but only time will tell. hopefully the purp is so purple that it’s no question.


Could be fun. Give you something else to look forward to and try guessing what you think they are whIle growing. I’ve read that a characteristic of GDP is it throws out pinkish pistils too.

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I can speak from experience, that is ganja. Grow it and smoke it. This is what my Gold Leaf looked like at that size

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still not sure, looks a bit different to to the gold leaf, so at the moment I’m thinking Bruce Banner?