ILGM's White Widow Auto: Who doesn't wait for/want any amber trichomes? What is ILGM's WWA like with only cloudy trichomes?

On my first plant, my first ever grow, I waited until I saw a few amber before harvesting a few weeks ago. I found that it does have that sleepy effect, and there’s a place for that and I like it, but I still have plenty of that harvest, along with some 100% Indica weed.

My second plant of ILGM’s WWA will be finished in a few weeks, and I’m going back and forth about harvesting with some amber or with only cloudy trichomes (no amber).

So, I’d like to hear from members who have harvested ILGM’s WWA with only cloudy trichomes. Share anything, such as the weed’s effects, and how it compares to harvesting with some amber, if you have also done that.

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I am harvesting my ww tonight and its about 2% amber. I don’t want the couch lock either. Ill let you know what I find out.


Week 11 White Widow Auto fade. Currently waiting for more trichomes to change. Mostly clear/cloudy now with a few ambers here and there among the trillions of non amber.


@Calizona how old was yours when you harvested? Mine is on week 11 and I’m seeing amber but it’s fox tailing :woman_facepalming:


I chopped mine at week 13. Im currently smoking it and its great! Not too heavy but does have a little jitter too it. But for me ,thats normal for white widow.


As an experiment, today I chopped a popcorn bud on my plant that still has a little bit to go. The little bud still has a few clear, so I want to know for myself how that feels. :boom: :smirk_cat:


@Calizona whoa! I chopped most of one on week 12. I still have another one in the tent tho. With her top off :joy:

@Twilve1 how many weeks is it? Let me know how it is!

Sure, yes, I’ll let you know how the little popcorn is. It just might be tomorrow, with our humidity being at 20% :unamused: Today is day 77 since she first broke above soil, so week 11-ish. I didn’t do LST, so of course the top bud more advanced. I’ve been toying with chopping the top bud, and tomorrow a weather system is moving in for a couple days that would bring in some moisture, so I’ll see.

I chopped my previous and first plant at day 94 that had some amber. No jitters at all, but usually it makes me yawn, for better or worse. The other night was good - relaxing, but no yawns, thankfully. There’s a place for yawning weed, but sometimes I like to smoke during the day.

Well, my current plant is on day 77 and there’s no way it’s going to day 94, haha.

Calizona, is that The Dude? :grin: Or, he called someone else The Dude … think I need to watch that film again.


:+1: Your profile pic really ties the chat room together.

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Great and potent! I chopped her today after my experiment. I love experiments, hehe. The popcorn bud still had some white pistils, and like I mentioned, some clear trichomes. A different experience from having some amber, but a great one! It’s definitely more energizing and more physically numbing - a good wake 'n bake. I love it with some amber, I love it with some clear … it all depends, it’s all good.

Here’s a picture of her right before the chop, a little spiral stairway to heaven effect from this angle.


Just chopped mine on day 83. Tested a bottom nug that fell off at around day 75 and it was already good then. Here’s the picture 3 days before harvest



That little fallen nug was saying, “Try me, try me!” Well, congrats!

I’m on day 78 from seedling.

Have you done the microwave thing to test? I haven’t. I let the popcorn dry for two days, which might have been ready last evening with 20% humidity. I’ll be checking in on my harvest MUCH sooner than the 6 days I let my first harvest dry; 25% humidity, and they were crispy and smelled like lawngrassinol terps, haha.


Hell yes! Mine changed colors as well!


Nice! :sunglasses: What strain?