ILGM's Super Skunk

This is my first time growing super skunk in hydro. My question is are the buds supposed to look like this, or will they fill out. I switched them to 12/12 on 9/22 and recently to 14/10. They aren’t filling out like

most buds I’ve grown. The last pic was of gold leaf that I grew right beside it and harvested yesterday.


Looks like ya got some foxtailing there. From my experience that won’t get to be the rock hard solid nugs you.are probably looking for. Should still be good smoke though. Not a ton of white pistols so probably close to done fatning up too. JMHO😁

That’s kind of what I was thinking too as bad as I hate it. All of my other seeds I’ve gotten from IlGM have done well but I’ve had hell with these super skunk I would not recommend them to anyone.