Ilgm zkittlez autoflower grow

Arrow carries them and are a reputable seller. You’ll have to buy it from their website.


Dangit. Hopinv to get one like now lol. Dont want plants stretching

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Yes i seen them online was hoping for a store to go to and buy 1. This sux. Cheapo lighys for a cpl days i guess

If you can get ahold of hlg they will probably have you driver aa fast as you can order one.

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Can i order just drivers from hlg ?? I dont see this driver when i search it on their site. Comes up with all diff others. Is anything comparable i can het or anything better wothoit messing up the light panels. Moght get a 320 driver and another board

Warranty? I got a bad driver from HLG and they replaced in free of charge and they shipped really quick.

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Im working on that less than a year old. Still wanna get one now if i can find a store that sells them. Have a back up then also. Should be under warranty still.

It worked great til last night looks like a small bomb went off in the driver

Ok fells chatted with hlg. Seems they been having issues sith meanwell drivers and certain lights so they did a change to invertronics drivers as they dont go bad as fast i guess she made it sound. They r covering the driver already being shipped was super easy and quick. Sending new power cords and stuff for it also. They should just warranty out the other 2 drivers and get me new for them also lol.


I’ve always heard from others too that HLG have great customer service. They certainly treated me right when replacing a driver.


Me too both i spoke to were super friendly. Totally cool aboit it told me if any issues with the other 2 get back to them and they will fix the issue


Great. I swapped out 2 HLG 135 drivers for a XLG 240. Guess if it blows up I can just reinstall the 135 drivers.


If under warranty they will switch out the driver for a newer model invertronics. Hope it dont blow on u. Whats inside them do u know

Got mine from digi key. Not sure if they warranty their drivers. Inside of them is prolly a bunch of capacitors and transformers.

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Gotcha well just ordered some gdp autos from ilgm. Lets see the wait

Lakewood ordered my BOM seeds on the 17th and they arrived on the 24th.

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Sweet hopen its as quick for me lol. Big azz fan leaf. Weird too 10 fingers usually an odd number of fingers. Cat loves them tho :laughing:

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So the maui waui grew a bit but dont seem like much happening on the zkitz yet.

And some taters and onions starting long tray is cat nip and cat grass for the pain in the butt kittys lol

Oh and trying to root some rose clipping to make the outside a but prettier


Small update. Took some clones off the maui waui yesterday 7 to b exact. All in the homemade cloner thingymajigger. Kids are growing a bit. If u cant see or can either way my dang cat got ahold of a few leaves on the runts plant little shit. Cant turn my back for a second or he is eating the leaves
Pics are taken with the hlg led glasses infront of the lens incase u see the slight glare




Have a good day every1


They are certainly looking nice and happy Mark

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